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Thread: Salutations everyone.

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    Default Salutations everyone.

    So I have to agree with Moo on how it may be important to put in a hello of sorts to the community here. Boy did I chose a good time to write it (it's actually 11:00 PM, on a Sunday, but I just can't sleep...)

    So, to be really honest off the start - I am very shy, online and offline. Now I know you might read this and post a reply saying not to be shy, but Really I start feeling nervous when people start talking about me. I admit, unlike right now when I'm ranting on and on, I'm usually really quiet. I don't really make one-liner posts, but most times if I don't reply, its not because I'm trying to be rude, but either I haven't read it (I'm not online 24/7) or I just don't know what to say.

    Not to be snobby, but I really hate criticism. I always feel guilty when people criticize me, and that's one reason why I'm usually quiet.

    So yeah, I'm shy, quiet, and not really sociable. I live with my parents, and go to school everyday.

    Ah- it says explain a bit on my interests. Well, I guess I'm like some boys, I like my share of X Box. I play Starcraft 2 (I'm not the best at either tho)

    One thing that is my major interest is that I am a Canadian Cadet. Now I dont want to be rude to all you other cadets reading this, but I wish to keep some privacy on what element I am, rank, and Sqn/Corps number.
    Cadets is my life. I'm pretty sure there have been periods where I've devoted more time to cadets then I gave school. I've played last post on Canadian Remembrance day parades on multiple occasions.

    Well, if I hadmore time, I guess I could type another few paragraphs, but it's 11:30 now, and my typing speed has Slowed down a bit.

    Thanks for reading, and good night (or good day, depending on where you live on Earth)


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    Hello Tonto, its nice you have joined adisc. Don't worry I am very shy person too. So I can kind of relate to you when it comes to that.
    Hope you enjoy your time here! Have a good day.

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    What up dude! Welcome to ADISC, one letter away from being A DISCO! We are here to support each other as we go about our every day lives and struggles as people who are into weird stuff! That said, don't go into detail about the weird stuff you like because we will throw largish, heavy materials at you in the most figurative sense we can! Make sure there are no recent threads similar to one you are about to post before you post it! You may already know these things as you have clearly demonstrated you grasp of the English language! This happens to be the apparent language of choice on the forum! Bonus!

    Make posts. Make threads. Make blogs. Make friends. Make luck. But don't forget to make monetary contributions towards the running of this site whenever possible. It's not mandatory... but like... wood doesn't grow on trees, dig?

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