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    Hi, I figured I would introduce myself. My name is Steve and I'm 29. I was bornin Pennsylvania but moved out to California about six years ago to find more people 'like me'. I've had a great time out here so far and can't see myself leaving. I'm an office drone and love my job but most people think I'm crazy that I love playing in Excel so much.

    As far as the ab/dl stuff, I've pretty much been all over the map from being only DL to full on AB. I bought a custom made crib, had the nursery thing for a while and enjoyed all of it. I don't have it set up right now but you never know when it might go up again. I love wearing as much as I can whenever I'm not working and wearing some really cool ab onesies, sleepers, etc. I also own a website which has been around or a few years now: [Link removed - must be an Established Contributor or higher to post links on the forum].

    Other than that my hobbies include World of Warcraft (FOR THE HORDE!), computers, technology, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, etc. I'm pretty much a geek at heart. OK, a baby geek.
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    Welcome Churra! Glad to have you here

    Since your in Long Beach and a WoW player have you made it out to the Blizzcons before? I've been to a few myself and they are always a blast.

    Hope to see you around the forums!

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    Welcome to ADISC! I'm sure you'll have fun here, it's a pretty great community And don't forget to check out the rules, b/c someone'll ask you eventually

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    Hi churra . Welcome to ADISC.

    I'm sorry to go removing a link from your intro, but the site software has been set to keep members from posting links right away upon their first posts. I'm not sure why it didn't remove it ahead of time, as it has in the past.

    I hope you enjoy your time on here. Just bare in mind that the site does have more of a support focus than other communities do, and that there are many minors on here, so certain imagery and subject matters are generally not permitted. Feel free to jump in though and get to know people.

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