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    I will start by saying that NO I am NOT in any way affiliated with this site in any way. is having a case sale $16 off med or lrg. I thought I would pass on the info.. Good news for us broke people May not sound like much but when you factor in taxes saved etc, any $$ saved is good!

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    Damn.. the last thing i needed was another excuse to spend more money this christmas..
    I just ordered a case of bambino, and now my other 'premium' favorite brand is on sale too.....
    ok.. just this once, and no more again for a while..

    that will bring my stock up to (once everything shows up)
    80 Dry 24/7
    54 Abena M3
    45 Abena M4
    80 bambino (16 classico, 64 teddy)
    8 molicare

    that should be enough to last me for a while...

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    Unfortunately we can't ship to your location.
    Please select another location and try again.

    Apparently does not ship outside canada, fyi.

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    Haha .. can't ship to your location. Then they suggest you ship somewhere that you aren't? Can't imagine that will be much help...

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    Too bad you can't setup relayed shipping. Would be a PITA though.

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    in the states Dry 24/7 are at least available from other suppliers, such as xp medical. Up until now, shipping dry 24/7 from the states to canada has been prohibitively expensive to the point that I had taken dry 24/7 off of my list of viable products for myself. So now having a supplier in canada, and even sale priced, wow. now they are cheaper to come by than bambino, and almost as cost competitive to abena locally.

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