This brief is not what the doctor ordered especially at this price point.

It is missing a lot of what we've come to expect in a modern diaper- there are no standing cuffs at the legs, the blue liner keeps the inside feeling wet which will cause skin problems after a short while. (Good for an AB, not good for a 24/7 wearer.)

While the picture makes it look like single, wide tabs on each side, it's really two velcro pieces on one wide wing. The velcro on the wings has sharp corners. The elimination of some sizes make this too big for my 34" waist - either the wings meet at the middle (which is an awkward place for the velcro tabs because they're stiff) and stay loose and sags, or it crosses and then there's only really one side attached to the front of the garment and it feels like it's pulling to the side.

On the good side, the fabric cover is very soft and quiet so if you're looking for something discrete and protective for light use then it may fit the bill, just not at the 'maximum' capacity that's advertised.