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Thread: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood -- Hilarious saying while climbing

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    Default Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood -- Hilarious saying while climbing

    My wife and I are playing the next chapter in the AC series, enjoying it a fair bit as well. The Xbox 360 has been switched back and forth between us now for a couple weeks.

    When you're climbing around in the town, various citizens will say things when they see you jumping around and scaling the buildings. Some of the common ones are:

    "He's going to hurt himself, the fool."

    "Expected lifespan? About five more minutes."

    And so on.

    But my wife and I both have gotten one that just floored us. One of those things that, when it gets said, makes you stop and think, "WTF? Did I just hear that right?!?"

    The phrase is:

    "Toss a dwarf and call me Donut!"

    Anybody else had this one come up?

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    I haven't played Brotherhood yet, but I remember with the original game one particular instance that made me laugh.

    I was walking slowly through the crowd, using the push-away button to nudge people aside. At some point, someone pushed me away and right into a woman balancing a pot on her head. She staggered, fell over, and the pot shattered. Simultaneously, she shouted, "That was amazing!"

    I lol'ed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkmaster View Post
    Your wife plays games with you?

    WTB Clone pl0x.
    My girlfriend loves to watch me play games. Well, depends on the game. She loves anything with a great plot (She loved the MGS series, Kingdom Hearts, a few others) but she can watch me play Assassin's Creed for days on end. I've tried to get her playing a few times, but she has trouble with controlling the camera and moving at the same time. (She tried Oblivion once and a while, which is an interesting choice, to say the least...)

    As for the topic, AC:B is great, and some of the stuff the people say is hilarious. I can't remember anything specific, nor do I remember hearing anything about a dounut, guess I'll have to listen closely.

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    She loves Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, has also played Fable 2, Fable 3 through to end, Just Cause 2, and a bunch of others. Our two oldest kids are annoyed a lot because they have to fight her and I for time on the game systems. Usually, they give up and just go into their rooms and get on their computers.

    She's got a godd 15-16k in gamer points, though I'm probably up over 25k.

    Both of our older kids have friends that think that we are the coolest parents: we are gamers, we skydive, listen to heavy metal music, etc. On top of that, we allow the kids a lot of freedom as long as they can be responsible; there is zero allowance for drugs or stupid stuff, but whatever they want for clothing and hair is allowable. After all, they are teenagers, they'll change their mind again later.

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    Damn you guys are lucky. Especially you, Mr. ^. I hope I find a woman like that.

    On topic, I just finished AC:B for the PS3, and I loved it. Combat is much improved, and I loved the storyline. Its come a long, long ways since that repetitive, mediocre game that came out a few years ago.

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