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Thread: What kind of changes do you like Goodnites and/or Underjams to come up with for 2011, 2012?

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    Default What kind of changes do you like Goodnites and/or Underjams to come up with for 2011, 2012?

    I would like for Underjams to make their sides stronger and little bigger.
    I would like for Goodnites to make a diaper style in the same sizes.

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    I would like the (old) XL size Goodnites to come back!

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    I would like goodnites to be thicker, absorb at a faster rate, and increased capacity would be great. Would prevent my waking up in wet sheets as often as I do...

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    Eventually, I think they might go back to a 3 size format. With children in the US getting bigger (fatter), two sizes are beginning to become rather ponderous, and leaving larger children without an option.


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    I would like a size that could fit me really well and more than 1 wetting. I also want them to be doomsday proof for 2012 :P

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    The new goodnites are great, so I would keep them the same. As for underjams, I think everybody would agree that they should make the sides stronger, but just as stretchy!

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    Good nights to make the S/M small, the current L/XL, Medium, and a slightly larger and new size that is XL. Definitely offer some new patterns and rotate different ones during the year, keeping them youthful.

    Underjams needs to slightly increase the size of the L/XL, preferably also 3 sizes and make the sides stronger. Better, more youthful designs.

    You notice I DONT mention absorbency. These diapers are used in public by many of us, and we have to recognize limitations without having a bulge.

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    I wear drynites/goodnites pretty well each day if i am at home & like them as they are. It would be nice though if they could alternate the designs once in a while, as another poster has said, perhaps they could do a seasonal version for winter & summer. I don't understand why they only sell them in packets of 9 in the uk, unless it is a weight issue, seems a bit bizarre to me.

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    Price reduction. Considering how little use you get out of one, it's a pretty pricey diaper.

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    I think that they should put tapes on the side and make them more absorbent bc they leak really bad

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