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Thread: When did DryNites turn into Underjams?

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    Default When did DryNites turn into Underjams?

    Er is it just me? I just bought a pack of DryNites (ninja designs).

    The green/orange colour scheme, the new sides - there's virtually no difference between the two brands!

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    I think they are taking ideas from underhand (personally, I'm a fan of the changes). They are still bigger then underjams.

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    As long as the sides don't start ripping...

    (Actually, I think the newer Underjams have slightly sturdier sides). Anyway, I really like Underjams (minus the sides), so I actually welcomed the changes made to the new Goodnites. But you're right, the first thing I tough when I saw them was just how much they reminded me of Underjams.

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    because the underjams were better.
    They wanted to match their product. Getting better.

    i only wish the underjams didnt rip....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonimousdl View Post
    I couldn't say seeing as I've only tried dn's
    We can probably tell that from the signature
    If you haven't tried anything else then drynites (or goodnites, whatever you want to call them there identical anyway) are probably gonna be the best, but try another diaper, like one of those molicare things I keep hearing about or maybe abenas,

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    That's the main reason why I want UnderJams to live on. It makes Goodnites/Drynites a better product, and hopefully in 2011, Underjams will improve their side panels.

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    It happened a few months back. There were a lot of posts about it and many people asking for reviews, pictures, where to find them. . . all that jazz. If you search back far enough, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find something.

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    I'm in the USA, and thankfully, with the new design, the goodnites here are twice as strong and better built than before. Hopefully they don't take any ideas from the UK lol.

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