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Thread: Finally going to do it!

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    Default Finally going to do it!

    I have admired all the cute cub AV's out there & wanted one done of me for years now so I am finally going to get one. Only problem is I am horrible at coming up with how I want it to look because I have no imagination for that sort of stuff.
    So I am asking for help & ideas for this. I want to have Tavimunk make it up for me.
    I want a anthro bear ether brown or polar (after my 2 suits).
    Now I am clueless for the rest of the details XD
    Any help here is greatly appreciated

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    hmm...well...what about some fun tribal markings ^^ or he could have some cute spots or something to help distinguish him ya know?
    I just recently made up a new character of my own and he is a dracocornaroo tribrid ^^ A dragon/unicorn/kangaroo. I named him Psalms =3 I dont know if this will help but maybe u can draw inspiration from it? Since I just got my account...I cant post a link to it...
    there is a link to him on my furaffinity 8D
    The username is Lilwolf and its my profile ID pic on my page. You will know him when ya see him! I know its inconvenient but iy wont allow me to post links =C

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    its really all up to you. there is nothing wrong with just a plain avi. As for personalising him. any neat little markings will do. you could do tribal as suggested. you could align ur fursona with an element like i did. Kuei is a little fire wuffy. Baby Kuei Ref Sheet by Kokuei -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    I did see that once of your choices was a polar bear. why not align him with ice and give him neat little ice blue markings?

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    There's a few things you can use to help distinguish your fursona from others;

    - markings! this is the easiest way of making your fursona stand out, and it doesn't necessarily have to enter the realms of fiction. This also refers to things like freckles and scars; they add variation. As an example, border collies (my species ) have many different natural markings and colours, it's easy to create a unique collie-fursona... having said that, there isn't much variation in polar bear markings, which brings me to...

    - clothing! A particular shirt, piece of headwear, or even a whole outfit can go a long way to identifying your fursona as 'you'! LB, one of our regulars, is easily identified by his hawaiian shirt, for example.

    - odd fur-colouring! If you don't mind not being 'realistic', this can be a fun choice. You could combine it with markings, as KoKuei suggested (normal polar-bear colouring, with blue markings). My partner, BabyYuri, has a fursona which is a pink panda :3

    - having a colour 'theme'! As simple as a colour or colour scheme (i.e. red, or red, blue and yellow) being used consistently in drawings of your character.

    - using a prop! Could be a cuddly toy, could be a lollipop, could be an 'OUT OF ORDER' sign...whatever it is, your character is never seen without it being in grabbing reach!

    I am sleepy now... X3 If anyone thinks of any other ideas, I'm very interested in this, hehe x

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