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    Default Hey there

    I just realized I have this account, though I don't remember making it. xD

    This is awkward even to write from behind a mask. But, here I go. I know I am a diaper lover. I like it when girls pee in them, and also wet the bed. I love baby-ish diapers, not really a fan of adult diapers.

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    Awesome, since you've not been on the site in a while, why don't you take a good look around and find out what's acceptable and what isn't here at ADISC before posting any more!

    Also, check out this cheat sheet on how to write a more comprehensive introduction!

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    Not going to lie, I smacked myself in the head when I saw that I pretty much did EXACTLY what I wasn't suppose to.

    I've never been able to say what I like, kinda got a head of myself, sorry! T_T"

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