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Thread: personal baby rooms / nurseries

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    Default personal baby rooms / nurseries

    hi everyone!

    I was recently thinking about how my AB side will change once i get my own apartment. There is no doubt i will be showing my baby side more often when i dont hav to worry about other people in the house. I started to think about if i will have a room dedicated to my infantilism.

    So i wanted to hear from others who have their own baby rooms or nurseries in their houses. Is it worth it? also, if u could post pics of them that would be awesome

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    I don't have my own room yet, but I do have strong opinions about it. A nursery is going to be a must-have as soon as I am able. I don't care how long it takes, it will happen. I've been dreaming and planning a room for a long time.

    Purple walls with Tinkerbell themed everything. I want a crib and changing table and toybox and a dresser for all my clothes and diapers. And as much purple as possible!

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    I'm applying for my own room here at the university...and if granted, I'm SO making a nursery.

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    I have done a great deal of contemplation about this very topic. I would personally wait until I have a house and create a hidden nursery in its bowels or in the basement. Somewhere excluded from an average visitor.

    Unfortunately that probably won't be for quite some time from now.

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    I wish... I have a three bedroom house, but it's not really feasible for me to have a nursery. I have a room set to be my "office", but I don't really need one as I do everything on my laptop.

    So, it's tempting... but having to explain why a room in my house is always locked to family and friends would be a pain.

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyRaimuneko View Post
    I'm applying for my own room here at the university...and if granted, I'm SO making a nursery.
    And... if you do that... at uni... you're officially my hero.

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    I have mentioned this many times on these forums. I hope one day to have a bedroom dedicated to myself that would be themed for the average 3-4 yr old. I would have toy story, hot wheels, and cars decors. I would have posters and all toys. Basically a room for a 4 yr old only for me. I hope one day to pull it off so I can live more like a toddler when I can.

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    Paciboy, I'm in the same boat as you. I'll most likely be moving overseas to start uni in Canada next year, and my parents have said a few times they'll eventually invest in an apartment for me (owned by them to avoid any bank troubles) Since the first time they mentioned it i've been dreaming of the possibilities! At the very least, I'm going to have a lockable cupboard in the bathroom for all my diapers etc. I'm very excited, but we'll see!
    Don't forget to update us when you do move out!

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    If I ever made something like this, it'd have to fold up and slip into a secret space in the floor, or wall. And be locked. And will shoot you if you don't know the secret password, which is not swordfish.

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    I have got my own nursey with baby blue Walls, wooden train set, cot filled with teddys and stacks of nappys in my little 3 bedroom house. It's good as I sleep in my cot every night. When anyone comes over the door is locked , but to be honest how many people that visit go looking around your spare bedrooms. I just have to be careful to tidy up the dummys and bottles that I leave around the house .

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    My nursery is not yet complete, but it has started. My bf and I have a massive historic neo-colonial style house that's only three bedrooms, and amazingly enough, the original floorplan already has one of the bedrooms designed to be a nursery. The master bedboom and the second bedroom are adjoined by a short hall, only accessible from those two bedrooms, with a bathroom off of that hall. Once both bedroom doors are closed, it creates a private suite where parents would have the master bedroom and the other bedroom would be the nursery, and it would be separated from the guests that would be using the third bedroom and the other bathroom at the other end of the house.

    As for us, I've drawn up the plans for the highchair and crib, and if I don't get woodworking tools for Christmas I'm buying them myself and getting down to business (thus far I've been fixing stuff in the house instead since it's a fixer-upper). We have the paint already, which is an almost baby blue colour, and it's going to be a childish road themed room, complete with actual road signs on the walls. The closets are already filled with diapers and onesies and stuff. I just need to build the actual furniture. Ive built furniture before, including a Queen Anne-legged chair, and we have a big basement that can become a work space, so I'm not worried about building my own nursery furniture.

    As for people finding it, well, that door will be closed if there is non-abdl-aware company. We've told everyone that it's our office ( and we do have our desk in there right now), so we'll just tell people that it's messy if they ask. Besides, as an office, they have no business in there anyway since we would obviously have financial documents and other private information in an office. Honestly though, I'm not too worried about people just randomly snooping through our house.

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