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Thread: Baby night - what shall we do?

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    Default Baby night - what shall we do?

    Well, Daddy has said that he'd be interessted in baby-ing me again and he's bought me some AB things for christmas, so I was wondering, what shall we do on baby night?

    Usually it will be lots of snuggles, nappy checks, occasionally a bottle, always my dummy and more snuggles (Love snuggling with daddy!), anything other people can think of?

    I love what we do already and it's perfect for what I need and daddy is always really attentive! So I guess to point of this is, what sort of things do you do with your daddy/mummy/carer/by yourself? What sort of things really make you regress? What would you love to go with a dadd/mummy/carer given the chance? Any unusual things you think other people should try when they are being babies?

    Stay padded!

    Littleabgirl xxx

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    Well, I always thought that story time would be fun, and it could be for you, especially if your daddy used funny voices Maybe he could feed you too? Having food smeared all over your mouth and having your daddy clean it up could make you feel even littler (littlerer... littleler..?).

    I'm just basing this off of what I'd like to do if I had a little baby girl. >.<

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    I also have this fantasy where my Daddy snuggles with me and we watch little kid movies and he feeds me ( complete with messiness and cleanups), he gives me a bath and we play with the bath toys a little bit... then, when i'm all dry, Daddy would diaper and dress me for bed and he would read to me and talk to me till i was too sleepy... i dunno what happens after that, but i know i'd want to sleep with daddy holding me tight... yeah, that sounds perfect.

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    definitly feeding, and story/movie time, and lots of cuddles, bathtime would be a must! And getting my hair fixed into pigtails! Coloring!

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    Snuggaling and getting a bottle would be nice. Maybe going to the bookstore and picking out a new story and then going home to read the new book.

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    Being given a bath and then talced and put in a clean nappy and footed sleeper always makes me feel small. Drawing pictures for my daddy always makes me grin specially when I give it to him and he tries to guess what it is i've drawn. BUt yeah the thing that makes me feel smallest is when he hugs me in a cradling sort of way and feeds me a bottle. That's the bestest

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    My boyfriend likes just snuggling and watching kid movies and playing games whenever I baby him, with the occasional tickle fights :] I think giving whoever is being taken care of a bath is a nice idea too.

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    Bathtime is a must...

    Fresh diaper plenty of powder and then put to bed and tucked in with a bedtime story would be great...falling asleep while being taken care of would certainly make me feel little...

    Of course after dinner and cuddling first...

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