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Thread: thick diapers.

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    Default thick diapers.

    has any one tryed this? get a diaper that fits you than keep stacking to make thick. i did and than got a biger size and stacked and it got thick. but the only problem is it dose not protect unless you do it like first your size than larger size. but has any one tryed this?

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    I think most people have that want a thick diaper...If you want it to protect you better, then cut slits or poke holes in the inner ones...It's called doubling (tripling if you use 3, etc)

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    If I'm not going to use them, I always put as many on top of each other as I can. But I do have really thin ones, so I'm probably just getting it up to the thickness of a normal diaper.

    Of course, if you want an ultra thick one that's also really absorbent, you can cut a whole in the bottom one then stick the next one on. If you wanted, you could even make something like this.

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    For me, I wouldn't mind having a very tick diaper that is thick as a pillow.

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    One time I was forced into like 6 diapers o.0 I didn't like it much, but I only use one diaper because I find it a waste of money to use more if they won't be used, unless slits are cut in the first diaper and there is only one more used.

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    the oren sack or what ever it is sounds like a good idea. but is is thick is what i wonder.

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    Footed P.J.


    Multiple diapers sounds unpleasant, honestly. I'd love to see the bulge if a girl is also in a footed blanket sleeper, though. I have heard of folks doing the same thing with blanket sleepers (multiple at a time).

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    I have done the mutiple sleepers before, it feels great, and I have tried many diapers, I think it's just a waste of diapers, because if you intend on useing them you need to destroy them by slitting, so they drain from one to another, and then if you don't wet thru all of them there junk because the tapes are shot.

    The best and cheapest way I have found is useing soaker panels, folded just the right size to fit in the diaper center, but if you go over the amout the diaper will hold the diaper won't fit right, and it can leak out and over the leg openings.

    I use 2 microfiber towel panels folded if you go over 2 it's too thick, and very very noticable, but lots of fun.

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    I always wear my diapers for bed time in layers. Right now I have on a Bambinos disposable and 2 cloth diapers on. I also have on a pair of plastic pants. This is the way I like to wear my diapers ,and also need to because I tend to be a heavy wetter at night.

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