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    Smile Hi there ...

    Hi everyone...

    I'm new to the site and yes... I like to lurk for a while before I say anything. It's not because I don't like the site, I'm just a rather shy and insecure person. And I'm having difficulties to stay behind the things that I like or which get me curious. Like this site.

    I stumbled on AB/TB and DL a while back thanks to a fanfiction on another site.
    Since I'm having to deal a lot with persons who's only option is a diaper (and most of them hate it) it stunned me to see, that there are people who either really enjoy it wearing one, or love being the caretaker of a TB/AB. I'm working as a nurse, just in case someone wonders

    Until I'm sure off what I want on this site, I'll mostly be a lurker and trying to find my way through the rather impressive amount of threads and posts here.
    Who knows, perhaps I'll be active with a bit of time

    What else? Oh, yes. I'm female, 28 years old. I love spending time with my pets (2 dogs) and I spend a lot of time at work xD I enjoy listening to music while reading a good story just as talking with my friends.

    Feel free to leave me a comment here in this thread or pm if you have any wishes or want to know me better.

    Thank you for your guidance =) and please take of me ^_^

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    Welcome to another nurse! I am an ED nurse, though I haven't worked in an ED for a little more than a year and a half because of living overseas during that time. I am now back and looking at doing agency work since my wife travels still and I am essentially a single parent of a 5 year old when she is gone.

    So what kind of dogs do you have? And what type of music do you like?

    Again, welcome. We are a community that i very open and welcoming, and much more well-rounded than many would expect.

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    Thank you closet dl ^^

    sorry if I have to ask, but I'm not familiar with the american terms of ranks for nurses since we don't have those in germany xD Being a single parent during the time when your wife is gone must be hard... and yet children bring so much joy.

    My dogs are quite different. The big one is an american collie in tri-color ( black- white- goldbraun), 2,5 years old, female. The other one, is a chihuahua in black with cute white parts on the two front paws and at the tip of her tail xD , 5 years old and only joined my little family because of her owner dying some weeks ago. Luckily both dogs know each other since the time I got my collie as puppy and they are best friends.

    I enjoy all various kinds of music. It depends a lot on my mood. I like Schiller, Celine Dion, Shakira, Sting, Phillip Collins, Enrique Iglesias, Sarah Connor, Enya, Enigma, Katherine Jenkins, Evanesce, Within temptation, Andre Rieu and many many more. As long as the piece matches my mood I listen to nearly everything.^^

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    but lurking is evvvvillll! >.>

    Anyways welcome to the site, certainly be a lot to read (some good, some that will probably seem wtf worthy :P). No need to be shy around here though, most people are pretty friendly, and shouldn't have any problems. Since you said you like to read, there are some good stories posted on here, many with tb/ab/dl themes, but there are others without them as well. Anyways enjoy your time here.

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    Hello, trixi and welcome to ADISC. You have stumbled upon a unique site as this is a support community that serves those 13+ year olds.

    By the way, that was a great intro - a good way to start. There area great number of resources available on ADISC. You've probably been looking around and have found The ADISC Mission Statement that Moo, the site's founder and administrator has authored, as well as the rules.

    Feel free to peruse the entire site: the WIKI, the Articles Section, the numerous Forums. Add whatever posts you feel would be beneficial to the community and enjoy your stay here.

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    No problem asking - I discovered during my time in Norway that nursing is quite different there than in America. ED stands for Emergency Department. I was a Charge Nurse previously, which means I was the nurse in charge of the shift of nurses working. I have a masters degree in nursing as well. When I start working agency, I will basically be just one of the shift nurses, but I will be paid much higher since it is an agency staffing.

    The dogs sound like fun, and probably are interesting to see together. A fluffy collie and a little chihuahua! I miss having animals, but with the way we travel it would not be fair to them.

    Nice mix on the music too. I have been a long-time Sting fan (all the way back to The Police) and enjoy a few others you mentioned as well. I am not a big Enrique Iglesias fan, but I did see him perform in a public concert in New York a few years ago. The most entertaining part of the performance was watching the teenie-bopper groupies shouting "Oooo, Enrique, you're so cute!"

    And being in Germany, perhaps you can keep Peachy in line! He is the big-wig here and lives in Bremen, though I think he is American by birth.

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    @ closet dl :wow, Emergency Department? A really busy and stressful ward and position to that xD. Cool, here you get lower payment when working for an agency and the conditions are often worse... not that they are at my ward any better xD I'm working on a rehabilitation ward for elder people. I hope to do some advanced training soon, to become a charge nurse.

    They definitely are xD no day is like the other. They manage to surprise me daily, just like children, always having something new to put one in awe xD I can understand that a lot. I was for 8 years without dog and it nearly made me sick. Now I gladly stay at home for holidays as long as I can keep my pets around me.

    Sting is great. I love his 'desert rose' song. I like the mix of oriental music or classic music with modern pop or rock a lot. *chuckles* yes, fangirls can be a scary bunch or way too entertaining.

    Peachy? Oh, another german... cool. Perhaps I go and check his (is he male? xD) profile out.

    Thanks a lot for welcoming me so nicely *hug* It's great to talk with you ^^ hope to see you around =)

    @Coyote_Howl : *sigh* lurking is not only evil... it is a lot helpful too. It helps me to find my way through the mass of posts and threads ( though I'm still not much smarter than before xD )

    Thank you for your warm welcome *hug* the fiction section was a good tip. Already found some good things to read there =)

    Take care and see you around here *smiles shyly*

    @Diapered Rabbit: Thank you for your warm welcome and you're right for sure. This site is really unique and very big. As support community I find it great that people come here and talk about this topics quite open. I was raised in a climate that tried to avoid mentioning such things. Just with the beginning of my job training I learned a lot of things and now since the time I'm working I noticed how many people have to deal with diapers. The mission statement is on my list of things to read next, the rules were my first way xD though I'm still a bit confused about this whole deal with having to post so many posts in a specific amount of time and so on... I feel pressured by it and it makes it kind of uncomfortable for me to come here >.< but I guess I will get sooner or later used to it
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    Welcome to ADISC! That's an interesting story of how you stumbled on AB/DL and then ADISC. Don't worry, though, we're welcoming to most anyone.

    As for keeping up with threads that are interesting, I've found the thread subscribe option to be helpful. The button for it is at the top of each thread page under "Thread Tools." This will list new posts in the threads you've subscribed to under the Settings page (the link to it is in the upper right corner). In Settings, you can also select to auto-subscribe to all threads you've posted in.

    Oh, and don't feel bad about lurking. I lurked for 3 months before joining and then lurked for another 3 months before actually posting my introduction (linked to in my signature.) So yeah...lurking can be quite helpful to figuring out a community's rules, customs, habits, etc.

    I think, although I do not know for sure, the only way you get demoted to lurker status is by not making at least one post a month. In theory, Moo (the website owner) eliminated in Sept., but I do not think he actually got around to doing so. It might also be that you get demoted to lurker status if you have never posted after a month of joining.

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