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Thread: I came, I went, I came back (a few thoughts)

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    Default I came, I went, I came back (a few thoughts)

    I posted first the first time awhile back and did the introduction thing. I posted a bit here and there. Not just in the Diaper and AB forums but also the OT forum. I gave it a good go.

    I don't want to come off negative, and I harbor no ill will, but after posting for a week or so, some of the… aggressive attitudes of a few people really shut down my interest in posting further. I feel a little hesitant now though when posting anything, especially a new thread, for fear of stepping on toes. Not saying anyone here needs to change or that it's anyone's problem but mine. Simply laying out where I'm at and why I didn't post for awhile after initially signing up.

    So I'm back, to give 'er a go again. I've been posting a bit here and there in a few threads and reading some of the stories in the fiction forums (which I hadn't done before). I must say, years of trying to sort through stuff like the work of a certain D-persion as well as overtly sexual stuff (I'm not a terribly sexual person) put me off on ABDL fiction as a whole. The writing in general here has revitalized my interest. There's a lot of very good well thought out stuff. A fair bit doesn't play to my specific interests (I'm not really into the *B side of things) but even when it doesn't many of the stories are still enjoyable simply because they're good stories.

    I have a lot of stories running around in my head but have never really written any of them down and I'm a bit inspired now.

    I'm not sure what I said about myself before, but I'm in my late 20s, in a creative profession, and have a lot of interest in narrative fiction be it movies, tv, comics, novels, or any other way you can tell a story. I'm also a big music fan, which even at it's most abstract is kind of a way to tell a story as well. My tastes run pretty much the whole gamut of genres while at the same time being very specific. I'm not exactly sure how I'd describe what that specific taste in music is though.

    So I guess that's that.

    Oh, and the auto-closing of threads is really weird to me and a bit disorientating. I've read the ironically closed thread about the auto-closing threads in the Admin forum and while I read and understood the reasoning behind it I don't agree at all. It's so weird and not something I have ever run across.

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    Well Banter, welcome back. I hope you have a better experience than before.

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