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    Default *waves sheepishly*

    Pun intended.

    Hi, I am RazorFox, apparently, a name I chose randomly cause I'm paranoid and don't want anyone who actually knows me to know I've registered here. I'm a bit in the closet about my abdl interests.

    I am an amateur metallurgist, I weave chainmaille and do a bit of blacksmithing. I am also a bit of a musician, I play guitar, bass guitar, drums, mandolin, and can spin I reasonable tune on a midi controller (:p). I both play other people's music and attempt to write my own, usually some kind of rock, mostly metal and progressive (AND PROG METAL! :p). I also speak a little bit of a lot of languages, my better ones being german and swedish, but I've studied finnish, romanian, russian, and japanese, on top of having created my own language.

    Let's see, abdl things...

    I don't really know whether I want to call myself ab or tb. I'm 21, but I live with my parents and commute to and from college everyday. I'll just leaved it as merely babyfur for everyone's sake I suppose.

    I developed an interest in diapers when I was 12 or 13, I think. I didn't get to try it until I was 16 or so when I absconded with one of my cousin's goodnights. I haven't touched a diaper since, because my parents are nosey and also aren't keen on me moving out, so I really never get the chance.

    Well, that's me in a nutshell. Any questions? (no promises on answers, though)

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    Welcome to the site, Razorfox.

    Wow, it looks like you have some interesting interests, especially studying so many different languages. Is there any particular reason why you have studied these?

    Also, that's some interesting stuff about blacksmithing. Do you have your own forge? I do a bit of metal work myself, but nothing fancy. Mostly shaping and fitting horseshoes.

    Anyhow, I think you will enjoy being here at the site. There's a lot of great people here.

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    I just realized I spelled "waves" wrong. XD

    But I digress,

    I haven't put together a forge yet, I can't find a good sized anvil nor do I have anywhere to put a furnace, unfortunately. I took a class through the local community college and it was pretty fun and I'm trying to get something established to help supplement the chainmailling.

    On the languages: I happen to be particularly good at learning foreign languages (I only found this out when I got frustrated with everyone struggling in my high school classes). Those languages in particular I either learn because I know native speakers or I find their structure interesting and fun.

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