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Thread: Any other beatles fans out there?

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    Default Any other beatles fans out there?

    So as you can see from my name i am a big fan of the beatles so I have a question for any who wish to answer

    Are you interested in them or when did you become interested?

    whats your favorite album? song?

    which was/is your favorite?

    is paul dead lol?

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    A fan since the early 60s.
    Paul smoked dope with Syd.
    Paul lives.
    Syd is ded.
    The Beatles are no more.
    Floyd continues.

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    Huge fan, recently worked with the sound engineer that recorded most of the albums, he was really cool.
    Favorite album- depends on my mood usually Revolver or Rubber Soul, favorite song, Day in the Life.

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    Favorite Beatle- John

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    Smile Beatles are the Best.

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! I grew up on the Beatles as a little kid back in the sixties.

    That was when the adult population (i.e. our parents), complained bitterly about the long hair, plus the loud beat beat music and that was before the Beatles found drugs.

    But us kids loved them! I can still sing along knowing nearly all the words to most of their songs. Their music is one of my few fond memories of childhood.

    Right now its ‘Baby You Can Drive My Car’ in my mind, (just saw my SO in one piece swimmers, but she does not have a car license).

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    i was fanatically obsessed with the beatles when i was 12 or 13 -- i think they were my first major musical obsession, unless you count beethoven and chopin when i was a kid. i still think they're pretty damn rockin. i couldn't possibly pick a favorite song -- they're all so good. except "o-bla-di o-bla-da." that song makes me want to strangle puppies. my favorite album is a three-way tie between sgt peppers, let it be, and abbey road.

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    They were the first band I ever really liked and really they introduced me to music that wasn't children's nursery rhymes and songs. When I was 6 or 7 I was watching The Flintstones and a soundbyte of 'she loves you yeah yeah yeah' came on. Being a little kid I started singing the line over and over, and my Mum told me that it was from a song by The Beatles, and that she had a record with that song on it. She played 'The Red Album' for me, and the short, catchy tunes were just perfect for my 7-year-old brain. I loved them, I would sit and listen to the record over and over again, and later taped it onto a tape for my walkman. They were my favourite band, and in fact I was quite obsessed by them, until I became about 10 and deemed that old music was uncool and that I was going to listen to what was popular with my friends, which unfortunately happened to be The Spice Girls and Aqua.

    Then a few years later when I was a bit older, and no longer cared about listening to what was popular in the charts, I downloaded The Red Album again, and rekindled my love of The Beatles. I have since bought most of their albums, although I am certainly much fonder of their earlier stuff (up to Sgt Peppers I guess) than I am of their later studio albums. I guess because that is the stuff I first loved. And now they are certainly one of my favourite bands.

    My favourite album, aside from The Red Album, is probably Rubber Soul. Not sure about favourite song, it's a toss-up between Nowhere Man, Michelle, Girl and Norwegian Wood (yes, we'll need a four-sided coin). I don't really have a favourite Beatle though.

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    My father is a real fan (but he don't speak english at all.)

    I like the beatles myself, especilly "Yesterday", the first english song I've learn at school.

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    Favorite album - The White Album

    Favorite songs - While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Happiness is a Warm Gun

    Anything starting with Revolver and on from that is great stuff. Before then, meh. I can't stand that Twist and Shout stuff, that's for sure.

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    i like the beatles and so glad they finally put them on itunes and cant wait to see if i get itunes cards so i can buy song

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