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    So, my Asus laptop that I horribly overpaid for may have bit the dust after only 2 years of use (hard use, admittedly). Being technically semi-competent, I believe it to be a problem with either the power supply or the motherboard. And since Asus might reneg on the supposed 2 year warrantee it came with, I might be out in the cold.

    Now, I've had one motherboard go out on me before (I got stuck with one of those corporate Dells with the bad capacitors, which fried my poor mobo), so I have an idea how expensive they can be to replace. I imagine doubly so for a higher end laptop motherboard.

    Which brings me to the point of this thread. After my last two computers konked out on me earlier than they should have due to defects (which I can only assume when my motherboard dies after less than 2 years), I've decided to give the middle finger to manufacturers and build my own. I had done a fair bit of upgrading to my old Dell desktop, so I'm pretty confident I can assemble one using documentation found on teh internets. I'm also pretty good with components, as I had put probably $400 worth of upgrades into the Dell before it went boom.

    The one thing that I'm totally incompetent in are motherboards. Upgrading the motherboard is never something I considered, so I'm a complete layman when I see all the options available. I don't have a bloody clue what a north or southbridge is.

    So I figured I'd ask. What should I look for in a mobo? I know I'm going to be going Intel for the processor, probably a midrange i7 (I refuse to spend 500 bucks on a cpu). I'm looking for something in the middle of the upper tier. Any halp would be appreciated.

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    May I ask what you are looking to do with the computer(gaming, browsing the internet, etc...)?
    Could you also give me how much you are looking to spend?
    Then I direct you to what you should be looking at.

    I personally have a Intel Q6600 Quad (Socket 775) and there isnt hardly anything that can even use the processing power of this cpu. For the money the i7 isn't worth it I would instead look into the i3 or i5. If you are willing to switch to AMD they have a new 6 core processor that can be picked up at less then the price of a i7 that will smoke the i7 all day long.

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    I'm shooting for a gaming rig that, hopefully, will be future "resistant". I'd rather spend more on a CPU/Mobo combo now and buy the other components cheap, and gradually upgrade the GPU, RAM etc. On the whole rig, I'm probably willing to spend 700ish dollars.

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    x2bt is totally right. I would shoot for a 6 core (even a quad core would probably do you). If this isn't an option, you'd best be prepared to pitch in as much money as you're willing to spend on a MoBo/CPU upgrade, especially if you want it to be future resistant. Assuming that the upgraded rig lasts you another 2-3 years (minmum), you want to make sure everything will be compatible for newer tech releases. As for the i3-i7 decision, the i5 would be your best bet, and the money saved could go for other RAM upgrades (super important).

    Let us know how it goes!

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    I appreciate the advice. The Asus fuckers still haven't gotten back to me yet, and I get the distinct feeling they're going to screw me. I'm certainly going to take my b0rked laptop over to my IT friend and see how much a repair is going to cost. If it makes more fiscal sense to repair, thats what I'm going to do.

    I'm willing to spend the money for a good mobo that will last me until its time to get an entirely new system several years down the road. The processor I'm somewhat flexible on, and I will consider the i5. I, personally, like Intel, so I'm probably going to stick with them. Do you guys have any specific suggestion for a mid-high end mobo? First and foremost, I want reliability. I've had 2 mobos break on me over the past 5 years, and I'm going to be epically pissed if it happens again. I want a good warantee program and I think i want to stay away from Asus.

    Also, what should I look for in a case? A case is, again, one of those things I'm willing to make an initial investment in. Again, this is all theoretical at the moment. I still have to see if Asus tech support gets back to me (Magic 8 Ball sez: Signs point to no), honor my warantee (Magic 8 Ball sez: lolwut), or if its a cheaper repair (8 Ball sez: Possibly). This is all fairly hypothetical at this point.

    Thanks again.

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    I personally like Gigabyte motherboards (my friend had something weird go wrong with his and they replaced it no questions asked), EVGA also makes some good motherboards.

    I would consider going i5 or AMD (you wont be disappointed with one of the new AMD 6 core processors.)
    You will spend 600 to 700 on an i7 mobo, cpu and memory with nothing else.
    Or you could spend 400 to 500 on an AMD or Intel i5. The AMD will perform at the level of an i7 for the price of an i5.

    Then I would dump whatever money I have left into a very good GFX card.

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    Well this might be all moot. Asus got back to me and they are honoring the warantee. Yay.

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