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Thread: Goodnites Small/Medium Size, They Fit!

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    Default Goodnites Small/Medium Size, They Fit!

    I've always found the l/xl seemed quite big on me, especially with the new design. They came up to my belly button, didn't fit very snug around my legs which made leaks happen quite often and seemed just like too much diaper.

    Well today I took a chance and bought the girls s/m goodnites. I was so worried I was throwing my money down the drain as I figured they would probably not fit at all and be too small or rip at the seams after I walked 10 feet but that wasn't the case!

    They fit perfect, came up to a normal position (ie: not my belly button), covered the front and back perfectly, stretched nicely giving a secure fit and I didn't have to mess around with the leak guards such as I constantly need to readjust on the l/xl.

    The tests. First off was walking around in them and I must say it felt a bit weirder(plus I am male) than the l/xl because they're smaller but it felt like a securer feeling. I even had to check after walking and yes they were still holding together in one piece and in the exact same place as before. Next test was the wetting, I was worried about this test thinking to myself that "is it going to hold it or is it going to leak right away because they are the smaller version." Not the case at all, as I wet slowly at first then I decided to speed it up and surprisingly it did not leak at all but held everything until it was absorbed because it was fitting so well. Had I done that in the l/xl goodnites, it would've been a disaster.

    They fit very secure and tight around the legs and body
    The leak guards do there job
    They still only hold 1 to 2 wettings max(trust me I know)
    They hold together very well with no ripping
    Still don't sit in it after a wetting like any goodnite....

    If anyones wondering, my waist is 30inches, my hips are 33inches and my weight is 150pounds.

    Has anyone else ever worn the s/m goodnites? I think it might be the new design because thats when I found the l/xl started to seem too large for me.

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    There's no doubt that the new goodnites are waaay bigger. Before people like me could barely squeeze into them, and they would rip after 10 mins. but now, I can have one on literally all day with no problems. They really improved.

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    I don't get this obsession with cramming yourself into the smallest possible diapers.

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    Well I personally like tight clothes and diapers the same way. Not a big pullups/goodnights person though, I think because they where after my time. They didn't really exist when I was little. I will admit though to a bit of interest in trying them, I didn't think the kids ones would fit me though. I have about a 30" waist though so sounds like they might.

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    Banter, you can't go wrong with getting the L/XL to try out.

    Messyman I am not cramming myself into the smallest diapers possible. I'm wearing a diaper that fits how a diaper is suppose to fit as I found the L/XL a bit on the big side and was very surprised to discover the S/M fit so well. Something that fits around the legs and doesn't leak is a good fit in my opinion.

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