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Thread: Just a rant on incontinence

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    Default Just a rant on incontinence

    First things first, I myself am not incontinent.
    I see SO many people though how to be. I also see SO many people get rude/mean statements back. Basically saying how horrible, you don't want to be and this that and the other. That's not really what bothers me. What bothers me is how people seem to KNOW what other people want in their life.
    I myself, would not mind being incontinent. I could handle it, and in the future will look into ways to properly make myself so. I am also probably a bit more older than most people here, which says a lot.
    Now I understand what comes with being incontinent, but what I get from it, out weights the cost.

    I myself have a disease which is a lot worse than being incontinent. I suffer from Hyperhidrosis. Basically, I sweat ALL the everywhere for no reason. My hands, armpits, back, butt, head, feet. I KNOW what its like have to worry about social situations, jobs, significant others, clothing, all that.

    Now if someone wanted to truly have that, for god knows what reason, I would not bash them for it. One man trash is another man's treasure. I would give them the benefits and cons of the disease and what to expect.

    With that being said, people who do ask how to become incontinent, please please please do so with some experience and age. I know most of you are probably early, mid teens... but use some common sense. Don't ask about the subject unless you have worn for a year straight and dealt with and can deal with everything that comes along with it. Also, don't ask until the brain between your ears gets a little more mature. I know its fun, but for some people it is a life style not by their choice and they do not enjoy it... Respect that much.

    Well that is all

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    Ummm... all I'll say is that I'm not really on one side or the other. But I don't think most people who say that they want to, could handle TOTAL incontinence. Just saying, it isn't a good idea.

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    I think one of the reasons a lot of these posts are met by negativity are because they are often being asked by the younger members of this community, members who are still teens. When I was a teen I wanted to be incontinent, and was convinced that I had thought it through and that it was what I really wanted. Luckily I never took any steps to try and make myself so, because now I certainly would not want to be incontinent. With hindsight I can see that it would have been a bad idea. However, as a teen, when my AB-urges were probably at their strongest, and when I was still naive enough to believe that being incontinent was the only way to be able to use diapers, I was sure it was what I wanted. If anybody who is still a teen suggested they wanted to become incontinent I would seriously try to put them off the idea, because they are still very young when it comes to making such a life-changing decision, and likely haven't weighed up all of the options.

    The second reason these threads get a bad reaction is because most of them are discussing ways to make oneself become incontinent. This is explicitly against the rules (Do not promote self-destructive things ... this includes discussing unhealthy or dangerous methods used to 'go' in diapers.) Whilst how we treat our bodies is ultimately ones individual choice, making oneself incontinent is causing harm and damage to the body. It may be desired, and as I said if somebody chooses to alter their body in that way that is their personal choice. However, the issue is that whilst the person who starts a thread on becoming incontinent may have thought long and hard about the pros and cons of becoming incontinent, the person who reads their thread and decides it's a good idea may not have. Some members here are still quite impressionable, and so if they read a thread from somebody saying that they're making themselves incontinent, and loving it, they may believe that it would also be the right choice for them, when in fact it may not be. Furthermore, if members are actively offering ideas as to how to make oneself incontinent then they are essentially offering self-harm advice to members, who may start taking these steps without considering the full implications when it comes to incontinence.

    Finally, I think the third reason a lot of these threads are met with rude and mean comments is because people post them in the incontinence forum. The purpose of the incontinence forum is to offer support and advice to members who are truly incontinent. Seeing as the majority of these members would happily regain continence given the option posting threads asking for advice on becoming incontinent, or talking about how much one would like to be incontinent, is nothing short of insensitive to the people who are incontinent. It invalidates the true nature of the medical condition, making it seem like something desirable rather than something which will negatively and embarrassingly impact of aspects of a person's life.

    Having been there before I do understand the desire to become incontinent, however this is a website with a mix of members, including minors and medically incontinent members, and so for the most part threads asking for advice on becoming incontinent, or anything which could be seen as promoting the idea, are usually inappropriate to the ethos of the website. I agree with much of your last paragraph, that the choice to become incontinent should only be considered after a long period of wearing 24/7 and when the person is mature enough to make such a decision, however, that does not tend to be the case with most people who start such threads, hence the negative reactions.
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    @Babyjess, I agree with you completely. I understand both sides of the fence. I just wish the people who post such articles, would post with plenty of background info(meaning time wearing 24/7, availability, income, social life etc....) that way people who do know information can legitimately help out. As you also stated, in the right section.
    Basically I think people should just be a little bit more considerate and that is going both ways.

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    When I was 13. I use to wish I was incontinent. But by the time I got to be 17, I totally had a different view on it and decided it wouldn't be so great.

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    I must admit, I'm a bit curious as to why people would want to be incontinent to begin with. I wouldn't mind being able to mess diapers more easily, but I don't see the attraction in a completely uncontrollable bowel. That being said, each to their own.

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    Have you ever looked into the Evil League of Evil?

    Seriously though, I do appreciate your post relating a totally unrelated medical issue. I remember someone talking about how they couldn't regulate their own body temperature, and so he would either turn on the heat or open the window at nighttime, and his roommate was not only understanding but very helpful and supportive of it. He went on to say that, despite his condition and incontinence being very similar, yet due to social stigma, that same roommate would probably be very disgusted by someone needing diapers. In this way, "I can't control my bladder," "I can't control my body temperature," and "I can't control my sweating" are nearly identical in nature, but the social stigma of the first problem obviously makes it a more undesirable thing.

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    I think your also failing to see how your want to become incontinent effects others and this is where ignorance runs rampid because you dont realize it truely unless you are incontinent. No matter how prepared you are, no matter how crazy u panic over it... stuff screws up, accidents happen, flaws in briefs, etc etc. You your self might be ready to be incontinent, heck your family might be cool with it too but the fact of life is every person you encounter throughout your life probably doesnt appreciate you accidently leaking/ruining/all that crap around. If your incontinent your going to have leaks without a doubt somehow its gunna happen, same with accidents when you dont want it, and bad stigma. Fact is your ignorance is going to effect all the people who have to work with you. Furthermore, when you get old, more people are going to have to be put on the line to deal with your incontinence. That being said its one thing to have to cope with it your self but in the log run your going to be....

    -exposing others to your bodily functions

    -forcing added medical treatment which will most likely create stress and unnessesary burdens on others

    -effecting the work environment as well as peers without cause for your own pleasure.

    and honnestly the list goes on.

    Fact is by choosing incontinence your choosing to disrespect people around you and thats something i cant promote.


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    Chiharu, I do understand where you are coming from. You yourself are incontinent, you know exactly what it is like, you know the hassle, you know the pros and the cons. You live that life.
    I would like to say this though, if someone choose to be and went through with it, they themselves would be taking care of it. What I gather from you, is you didn't choose and because of that people in your life were automatically defaulted with the problem. If I went out tomorrow and got some magical surgery that made me incontinent, that would effect absolutely no one in my life. When I go home to visit, my mom wouldn't have to to change me, a significant other would not have to change me no one would have to deal with it except me. Now people who deal with it for legitimate reasons often times do not fall in the same categorie. You are essentially comparing apples to oranges.

    Also, I am sure you read my original post. I do suffer from a disease. Which in my opinion is much worse (in a social aspect) than being incontinent. When I go to a interview for a job, and my potential employer goes to shake my hand, he is essential dipping his hand into a pool. That is how much I sweat. When I get up from the interview, he would wonder why he can see dampness on my back and butt or why my forehead was glistening the whole time. Now, apply that to ever scenario. Girls, meeting people for the first time, everyday normal social interactions that I feel uncomfortable to participate in. I feel your pain on a different level.

    I am not trying to compare the two, just pointing out similarities. I think we both take some of the same precautions. What I am saying though is this....
    If there was a fetish where people wanted to have my condition, I would question as to why they would and think to myself no they don't really want it, but I would not flat out tell people no you don't want something that will make you feel complete.

    Also, just to add most people who do get old tend to wear something anyways. At least everyone in my family. Old age would not matter to much haha.

    I honestly disagree with your last statement. Actually the act of being demeaning to others wants/beliefs/ideals/dreams/hopes is quite honestly disrespectful.
    I do understand where you are coming from, but everyone is different. Not accepting that fact is close minded and selfish. I am not attacking you, I just want you to see both sides to it.

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    My rant.
    Did I start out life being continent? absolutely, yes. in fact, in fact, both me and my brother were out of diapers agt night anyways at the wonderful age of 18 months, completely out at the age of 2. both of us have had sugeries at a young age due to urogenital defects. I spent my 20's doubled over in pain very often because I had a problem actually going. after being told to hold it all the time growing up, the doc thought i had IBS, I dropped lots of stones, big ones, had alot of urinary tract infections. it was eventually tracked to an overlarge prostate at a very early age. I got sick of living that life, and forced in the other direction. to tell you the truth, even though it was a learned response, incontinence actually, in alot of ways, became my savior. i am uninterested in surgery, truth be told, I can't stand most doctors, especially these days, yes, i've been in them 24/7 for about 5 years now, i've dealt with the leaks, the blowouts, the embarrassment, all that. if I really wanted out, I could probably regain continence within a month or so, but, i am also afraid of the pain that goes with it (women, think of giving birth every month or so, that much pain and contractions that Morphine can barely dent).

    thats just me, am I incontinent by choice? partially, but, it seemed to be a solution to another problem. a solution that has actually woked for me for the past several years. and yes, all the stuff that goes along with it. someone else's situation is likely to be very different. as everyone is different. There is an old saying; Never criticize another until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

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