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Thread: So I'm new to this...

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    Default So I'm new to this...

    for a few years i've had this fascination with being diapered. only problem is i have no one to talk to about it. (friends wouldnt really understand), i'm in college and have somewhat access to getting diapers privately but it's just not the same as being babied by someone, anyone have any tips?

    sorry i'm a bit nervous, i forgot my introduction, it's nice to find people here who could understand me ^^

    well anyway i live on the east coast in PA, i just realized i love diapers, i found this site and i was hoping to hear from some people who also have difficulty finding someone to connect with who wont totally freak out at the notion of liking diapers
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    Welcome to ADISC there, Hermit
    well, if you're new at all of this, then you're in the right place. Many of us are very experienced and will be happy to help you explore your TB side. If you go to the TB forum, you'll find that it is completely littered with tips and guides to help you get the most out of the lifestyle. Before you do that, mind telling us a bit about your non *b self? What do you do, what else you enjoy? We're all friends here so we like to get to know everyone ^.^

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    tyvm ^^, i'm a simple person, i have an interest in foreign languages although i don't speak another one fluently yet,
    i play pokemon competitively and came close to winning some regionals a few times ><

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    Oh wow, another foreign language enthusiast! I thought I was the only one. What languages are you studying?

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    Cute! i love pokemon :3 but nobody i know else likes it much... so i always sweep it under the rug... i wish they would make a pokemon mmorpg...

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    Welcome to ADISC, Hermit

    Yeah, I think a good hearty chunk of us here on the forums would love to find a special someone to baby and be babied by. It's hard to find out there, and I wish there was a site a lot like this one for those that are like us to meet up, just a bunch of people like those here on ADISC, mature and friendly.

    Maybe one day, ABDL's will be able to have our cake and eat it too (with a big ol' plastic Sesame Street spoon)

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