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Thread: How do I make cloth diapers thicker?

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    Default How do I make cloth diapers thicker?

    I have several cloth diapers that are are thick and good but I just recently got a day cloth diaper thats not very thick at all and lasts just about one wetting.
    My question to everyone is how do I make this diaper thicker so it holds more? any and all suggestions would be very helpful.... thank you alll
    lots of hugs kisses

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    I use bath towels and put microfiber towels inside, I put one on about 5pm today, after takeing off a disposeable i had on for most of the day, because it started to leak.

    Anyway, I put it on about 5pm with pair of snap plastic pants, I just took it off around 10pm it was completly soaked it weighed a ton, it was just starting to leak a little, because I was sitting around and when I do that, I just keep drinking and leaking.

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    If no one objects i'm gonna move this thread into diaper talk... I don't see anything particularly mature here that would make this thread need to be in mature topics. If anyone objects to this feel free to make the argument.

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    The easiest way to make a cloth diaper more absorbant... layer them. There are inserts that you can buy... but it is typically easier to just add more diapers.

    That would be cloth's downside... to get adequate absorbancy out of them they need to be super thick... thicker than any disposable.

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