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Thread: AB/DL demographics

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    Default AB/DL demographics

    What a remarkable community! I've seen people on here from England, China, Australia, US, and Canada (darn rights ). However, I've seen that there are more people from certain countries than another.

    I was wondering if you guys thought that maybe your geographic location contributes to you being an AB/DL today? Perhaps it's more acceptable in one place than another...

    Yes! It's another question for the pursuit of understanding ourselves (and an excuse to hail from our own, unique point of origin British Columbia, Canada reporting in!)

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    Calgary.. also if you look at the stickies in the Established Contributor forum, you will find a map at the top where you can register your physical location and see others who have also done so.

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    It clearly polarizes towards native English speaking nations as it is an English site.

    Some nations educate in a number of languages fluently from a young age which helps some other ESL nations join us here.

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    It seems like there are a lot of people from England/UK on here. Then followed by Canada, and yours truly, the USA. I think that the site was created in England, just due to the fact of the way things are spelled and the dates. For instance (not sure about Canada, I'm comparing the US and the UK.) On your profile it has a section for 'favourite diaper'. Notice the spelling of 'favourite', In America, its spelled 'favorite.'. Also, the dates are in an English format, ie. Day-Month-Year, where here in America its Month-Day-Year. I could be wrong, but just some observations of mine.

    Ps. I love your avatar, I'm a Futurama whore lol.

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    Considering that the United Kingdom is much smaller than the US in terms of population it always surprises me how many of us there are here. Plus according to google trends the UK carries out the most searches for 'adult baby.' Google Trends: adult baby

    Maybe there is something about being here that makes us all want to regress!

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    now look at the trends for 'adult diaper'.. what's up with Denmark?

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    I'm not sure if my location has a effect, might be interesting to know in the future though...

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    I look at it the other way round: there are places where *Bs are tolerated, and other places where they would not feel safe admitting to it.

    Part of it is a legal thing: the law in Britain is driven by precedent. There are half a dozen different laws which a police officer might use against a *B to effect arrest (being seen out wearing nothing but a nappy might attract a charge of outraging common decency), but in a lot of areas the police know damn well that they wouldn't get away with it because they are seen to let other similar behaviour go unmolested. But in some parts of the UK - notably Scotland, Northern Ireland and the small islands - the police might feel that they would get a conviction.


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    it seems pretty widely accepted in Norway too, but though not as common to see **/DLs from Norway on ADISC, though only a handfull on Adisc.

    Also! BAHAHAHAH!

    Norway's on 3rd XD Oslo is 8th most active

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