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Thread: Hello everyone.

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    Default Hello everyone.

    Wanted to take the time to say hello and introduce myself. Just a little about myself. I am from the West coast of the United States. My hobbies, outside of diapers , are computers, graphic media and graphic design, and ofcourse video games! Currently attending a university and working part time. Hope to make lots of new friends on here.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Cute name. Is there a reason you chose it? Vidya gaems are always fun! What games do you play? What kind of stuff do you design? What courses are you attending? Okay, 20 questions is over... You will make lots of friends for sure, so don't worry Have a good time in the community, and don't forget to have fun!

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    Welcome Footietootie! Glad to have you part of the ADISC community

    You mention your attending university and interested in graphic media. By any chance is that your major? Have you had a chance to use your skills commercially, or is that ultimate goal once your out of school?

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    Hi Footie! Welcome to ADisc!
    That is a pretty cute username!

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