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    I just need to rant about something that has been on my mind for a while. I hate the fact that most adult diaper brands are now switching to the classic plastic outings to these cloth style diapers. Agreed they are more like baby diapers but it seems like these days every company is switching, will there even be plastic diapers being made after a while? I don't know about everyone, but I do know a majority of us diaper lovers and adult babies enjoy the feeling and crinkle of plastic diapers. I would love to hear what everyone else has on their mind on this subject, and thanks for reading my rant .

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    yea, i agree. i think the more "high end" companies such as bambino, ABU, secure, abena, and molicare will continue to make the plastic backed diapers, but who knows? it's a waiting game really.

    i do think, that if most of the companies do switch to cloth, there may be a complain about night time diapers. people who are IC want discreetness during the day, but they want protection at night, and plastic backed high absorbency is what is needed at night.

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    yeah totally I think the same way, I hope bambinos never goes to cloth, them and ABU are my favorite diapers.

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    I like the cloth-back during the summer, but even then find that they stretch and sag a negative thing. I'll put up with the bit of discomfort from plastic-backed diapers, it's a good trade-off for security and fit.

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    Plastic backed diapers will never go away. It's just impossible for any cloth-like texture to provide the same kind of protection.

    Ignoring the niche AB/DL market...well, as someone else said, incontinent people want something discrete during the day (thinner, cloth-backed diapers), but maximum protection for nighttime (where discreetness doesn't matter one bit...thick, plastic-backed diapers).

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    I love plastic diapers and I'm guessing that the same thing that happened with the baby diapers will happen to the adult ones. People will find them, hoard them and the only place you'll find them is on eBay at highly inflated prices.

    I recently found that the EuroBriefs had switched to cloth and I convinced my wife to buy me a couple cases. I think they might still have them at DME's (Disposable Medical Express) website.

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    Hopefully some companies realise that plastic backed fit better therefore leak less and keep a line of them around for night diapers.

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    Even though I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants, I can really empathize. If I suddenly couldn't buy plastic pants I think I would freak. My only suggestion is that you buy plastic pants and wear them over your cloth backed disposables. Often parents will put plastic pants on their babies over their disposables if the baby is dressed in "Sunday" clothes. Even baby diapers leak and babies can have big blowouts, so often to protect the fancy clothes that grandma bought, we'd put plastic pants over the diapers. I think you might still get the baby experience, plus you can buy plastic pants with cute baby prints on them.

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    Don't worry, because as more companies switch to cloth backed nappies/diapers the ones who don't switch will notice a pick up in their sales as people who don't want cloth backed ones will move to their company, so as long as their is a demand there will be a supply. For example here in Australia Depends is the biggest company, followed by Tena, when depends switched all of their products to cloth backed, Tena only changed their pull-ups to cloth backed while leaving their slip range (standard tape up diapers) stayed plastic backed.

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    It's DISCREET, not DISCRETE. Discrete means separated.

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