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    Red face Magical Intro.

    Hello everyone,

    I'd first like to say how great is is to be posting here, and finally joining after almost two entire years of lurking, and reading. My interest in diapers is still new to me, though I've been struggling with it for 4 years. I'm mainly DL, but I feel like i could also be TB.

    I am a Freshman in college, and I am just starting to adjust to it all, especially with all the new freedoms. As a person, I am a really level headed, though opinionated person. You know, like the kind of person that will calmly talk to a person that is screaming at them with an opposing viewpoint? That's me. I suppose that stems from my overall outlook on life, which is hum-drum, and quite cynical. I'm not yet comfortable living in my own life, I feel so out of place. I don't drink or do drugs, and I don't enjoy party life, I can't easily make friends, I have never been in a relationship, and have never wanted or felt any need to. But, you know, I'm getting by.

    All things put aside, I can actually be a pretty fun guy. I do Improvisational comedy when I'm not in class, which has been really fun. Also, within the past year or so, I've been cursed...with puns. I make constant puns while hanging with friends, which gets old, but i really cant help it.
    I also play guitar and Keyboard, and am big into the indie music scene. Feel free to ask me for any suggestions of some music, or whatever. I also enjoy watching television shows, playing video games, and just sleeping.

    Anyway, I feel like I'm writing too much so I'll finish up with this. I really, just want to have a place to talk with like-minded, nonjudgmental persons, about my life, their lives, and more.

    I hope that I can make some great friends here, and Look forward to being an active member here at ADSIC.


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    Brilliant intro MagicSanta! It was definitely not too long.

    Anywho, welcome to Adisc...well, more like welcome to the living Adisc community. How is college and all the freedom stuff? I'm kinda looking forward/ apprehensive about it. I get sent off into that wonderful realm next year -_-' Um...what else. Oh, the pun thing, my father seems to have the same curse at the moment, i think it's a disease that's spreading around the country - the next swineflu.

    As far as "level minded" and "non-judgmental" goes ... no promises :P I think all of us here are pretty crazy in our own, lovable ways.

    happy day,

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    College is pretty boss, to be honest. It's great to be able to hang around, doing whatever you please, as well as the classes being bomb-easy. As by what you said, I assume you are a senior this year, yes? Well you get to look forward to it all, for next year. Word to the wise, if you are going to be in a dorm, make sure to get a single. It's great for privacy, and relaxing.

    Anyway, I would assume that most here are nonjudgmental about *BDL, Right? That's what I was reffering to, and besides I like crazies. They make me feel better about myself.

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    xD I'm not going to get a dorm, most likely. My city has 3 colleges and i'm applying (and probably will get accepted) to FSU. They're building a new aerodynamics engineering school which is where i want to go. But since it's the same city, my mom's telling me to save money and just stay at home.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Also, awesome Magical intro!

    You've pretty much won me with the "I do improv comedy". I hope we can see some of your work someday! I too have been cursed with the Pun Curse, anyone that's ever had to listen to me in WoW could tell you that!

    Look forward to seeing you around!

    Edit: Also, oh yeah, we're all pretty chill here about just about everything, and this site was made particularly for Incon folks and AB/DL, so no worries there, ahah!
    *points at own tags*

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    @FadeLB: Yeah, I hope that I actually end up at someplace doing some sort of onstage comedy, probably somewhere local. And I'm glad that everyone is so welcoming. It's great!

    @Feyrin: That sucks, living on campus adds so much to the college experience, it feels like more of a community, plus obviously I don't know your situation at home, but here in my single dorm, I can pretty much get away with anything, loud music, etc. Plus shipping to the dorms is easy and worry free, as I just ordered some Bambinos.

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