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Thread: the pull of 24/7

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    Default the pull of 24/7

    As a middle aged AB man I have, over the years, made some overtures and attempts to enact my fantasies with others. On three occasions in my mid twenties I actually paid women to 'mother' me, but the experience of being face to face with someone and dressed was actually very stressful. I hated it. In these cases it was my own inhibitions that were the obstacle; the women didn't care at all, as long as the cash was present at the party.

    I am now married with three lovely daughters and under no circumstances would I desert four people whom I love, and towards whom I have duties. I've never dared mention to my wife this side of my sexuality, and as of today at least I am sure I never will - not deliberately, anyway. But at the same time the dream of becoming a permanent AB never seems to go away. I know in my heart of hearts that before meeting my wife I would have been happy to relinquish everything that adulthood involves if I had met a Mummy/Mommy - a mythical figure, I think - and I am also aware that if some horrible mischance deprived me of my wife and kids it would occur to me, shortly thereafter, that I could at least seek to make myself incontinent on a permanent basis, whatever else I might look for.

    I think it's only here that our fetishes are in any sense dangerous. I think of 24/7 as a black hole. (A description I've seen in forums elsewhere.) I think the same rule applies to them all - BDSM, AB/DL: if they become permanent, then entire personalities are put at risk. If they are part time, holidays, recreations, then they do no damage; the irony is that it's in my own head, and nobody else's, that the danger lies. ... So the very mixed blessing is that we ABs are only potentially a threat to ourselves.

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    I think if I ever get a wife I will have to tell her I am AB before we get married. The main reason I don't want to keep anything from her at all just as I wouldn't want her to have to hide anything herself. Marriage to me is built on honesty and trust. Neither person should have to hide anything to their partner if they are in love with each other so much.

    As for 24/7 I have gone 24/7 before and its not that hard to hide. I guess if you had a wife and kids at home it would be very hard. But many of us that do go 24/7 already told how girlfriends and wifes or we have none at the time. We also still don't show off our diapers.

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    I don't mean just wearing! For me as an AB I mean being dressed AND treated as a baby. Just wearing diapers isn't enough ...

    Otherwise I applaud your honesty. Certainly an ideal marriage should be based on honesty. And equally certainly I have never been completely honest with my wife - but on this subject and this subject alone. I suppose what our marriage is based on is trust: neither of us will ever do anything to bring it to an end or damage it. That's as far as I can go ...

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    a wife and 3 daughters?

    must be tough juggling ur family with ur *dlism...

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    I hold it off and usually succumb about twice a year, when wife's at work and kids are at school. ...

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    I think it would be best for you to at least come out to your wife about this once your kids are off to college...But I kind of think you should have told your wife before you were married...Because if she didn't accept that, then she might not have been the one

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    Having to tell my wife is how I came to this site. She discovered my diaper order on line. Before we got married, I did tell her about other aspects of my sexual life which were more complicated than my ABism, if you can imagine, and she accepted that quite well. I didn't tell her about my infantilism because I was very ashamed about it, though it was and is a strong part of my life, and something I couldn't walk away from. For the first few years that we were married, I was able to abandon it for the most part. For one, we were starting our family, I was very busy at work, and I was young. But when we moved to Virginia, I had Fridays off from work, so I stayed home and vacuumed the house pretty much in diapers, and that worked out well until I changed jobs. As stress built up because of my wife's declining health, and because opportunities were few for "my time", I simply couldn't hide it any more. Once caught, my wife was very understanding, in part because we love and respect each other unconditionally.

    Only you can know what kind of relationship you have with your wife, but I understand the drive that demands satisfaction where ABism is concerned. Tread carefully and good luck. By the way, I agree with Pojo. You might want to wait until the kids are grown and out of the house, just in case things don't go well.

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    In all honesty, Being 24/7 is not special. I am an AB. when I was 19, and since I had a job and a credit card, my parents didn't like my fetish, but I didn't care. I wore to work, school and at home 24/7 with little difficulty (Abena X plus were really easy to hide with cargo pants) While it IS nice, it definitely loses the fun behind it all. Today its more of an unwind thing I do 2-3 times a week, and its much less expensive.

    I'd find it very difficult for it to stay "as special" while being 24/7, and as the OP said, there can be issues with others around you.

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    i think making the decision to wear diapers 24/7 is a horrible idea. there are too many sacrifices that have to be made, and it turns being a DL into a part of your identity rather than just something you do.

    nevertheless, it does have a strong allure. every time i have an opportunity to wear diapers nonstop for a couple of days i leap at the opportunity, and i hope i'll be able to go for a solid week or two at some point in the near future. there's something about it that just feels so right. it's a completely different experience then just wearing one once in a while.

    it's hard to know how much i should give into the urge and how much i should resist. i don't want to start rearranging my life to accomodate long stretches of non-stop diaper wearing, but it's something i DO want to be able to do every once in a while -- maybe a week or two every couple of years. and i won't deny that wearing 24/7 is sort of an appealing fantasy. it IS kind of a black hole: once you start prioritizing diapers over friends and hobbies and work and other aspects of real life it's hard to know where to stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I think it would be best for you to at least come out to your wife about this once your kids are off to college...But I kind of think you should have told your wife before you were married...Because if she didn't accept that, then she might not have been the one
    Yeah, I think it's a bit late to tell her now. I don't see any scenario where it goes well. She either freaks out and wants him gone, or she is really hurt that he hid it from her all this time.

    I might have agreed with timmywimmy's post six months ago (about 24/7 being a black hole) but I don't know. I know some people who wear 24/7 and seem to do just fine, for now anyway. Obviously your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse would have to approve of it or the relationship would go downhill pretty fast. But what happens if that relationship ends? Do you try to go back to using the toilet in hopes of attracting another partner more easily, or do you stick with the diapers and look for someone who is just fine with someone who wears full time? And do you try to tell friends and potential dates that you are incontinent so they'll be more likely to accept you, or tell them about your fetish?

    But if nothing else you can go back to using the toilet again, right? Isn't it just like re-potty-training yourself?

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