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Thread: *SQUEEE* Sly 4 is going to happen

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    Default *SQUEEE* Sly 4 is going to happen

    I was tottaly bummed for a while, as bungie did with halo 2, sly 3 was, for a while, decided to be the end of the series.

    As it turns out,

    not only has it been confirmed in an interview, the new collection has a sly 4 trailer in it, if you get all 3 of the platnium throphies.

    Anyone else excited?

    At all?

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    I liked the original Sly Cooper, which I, in all honesty, hope you are referring to or I suck.

    I didn't much care for 2, and I haven't played 3.

    ....I'm curious now..

    But, yeah, I'm fairly excited, I liked Sly, and sadly I was too young back then to remember much of the games. So..
    ...maybe if I gave 2 a try once more?

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    I'm am SO freakin' excited right now!
    I can't wait for it to come out.

    <3 Sly

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    I need to get the original game again, it was pretty fun. I think Honor Among Thieves was supposed to be one of the best of the series as well. Love stealth(ish) games, and even more fun with an animal

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    Really!? Wow! Now I'm super excited. I loved all three of the first games, and the storyline. I'm curious now what the fourth one will be like. (And if I'll have to get a PS3. Probably. XD)

    I'll have to add this new game to my list of "Must get" games. Thanks for the heads up.

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    I looooove those games i own all three

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