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Thread: How abou a ddo guild for adisc

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    Default How abou a ddo guild for adisc

    I am a player of Dungeons and Dragons online i was thinking about making a adics guild in about a week if any body is interested just message me.

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    You're posting in the wrong forum. This should be in the Off Topic: Computers and Games Forum.

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    im up for anything except i havent played DnD online before so if u want me to play with u guys udd have to put up with my noobish shananigans and my pathetic clingeyness XD

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    my friend plays that game. its really fun by the sounds of it. but my computer is sucky so i cant play.

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    I have a few characters on Thelanis, two of which I play regularly.

    I just have two questions.

    Are you planning this to be an 'us' only guild? If you do not recruit well it would take forever to level and be useless?

    What name do you propose? I joined the guild I'm in because it has a kick butt name, though if they don't hit level 50 soon I may bail.

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    im pretty ummm active for sures i guess o.o but i only play if i hve friends to play with.. so if people i play with are active then im active, im pretty good at MMOs so if we wanna do something idd be happy to play along side people for sures ^^. Just say where and when and ill start downloading the game and stuff.

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    when i renew my subscription in about a week I'll make the guild. Lets decide on a name. I was thinking about Spectrum Order or Order of the Almighty AB/TB/Dl's

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    *giggles* i fear not everyone might like that, im pretty shy outside of here.. my self o.x

    how about "Nursery Rhymes" ... its cute... fun.. and unassuming?

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    oh and another thing isnt DnD free to play, because thats what it says on the websites and stuff,

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    I play on Arg. Well I will be again once my desktop is repaired. My main is a favored soul named: Milissa.

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