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Thread: Movies with wetting (or diapers)

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    Default Movies with wetting (or diapers)

    This topic has to have been discussed before, but my searches for the topic have come up nil. So, I'm going to create a new thread.

    I just watched 2012 last night and I was wondering how many other movies out there discuss bed wetting, pants wetting, or diapers in general. I know there are some obvious classics like Billy Madison, but I'm more curious in the more abstract interpretations. I really like independent films and I betchya the topic of pants/bed wetting and/or diapers has been in a film somewhere in the world.

    You can search for keywords on IMDb and Amazon, but those lists seem rather vague. I'm curious to know if y'all know of some movies out there that have these topics. I dunno 'bout y'all, but it is always a bit of fun (and sort of a rush) to see these topics in situations where people don't necessarily know they have a rather "special" meaning for you.

    I'll start with some of the ones that I've found.

    Class Trip: La classe de neige (1998) - IMDb - the kid has a bedwetting problem and discusses it with his teacher and dad. A part later in the movie he perhaps wets his bed, but that is part of the mystery of the movie. Quite an artistic film (the book is even better, imo).

    The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things: The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2004) - IMDb - A pretty dark movie. The kid has a bedwetting issue which is showcased, unfortunately, when he is forced to sleep in a bathtub with pillows.

    Clownhouse: Clownhouse (1989) - IMDb - a child wets the bed at the beginning. The movie is pretty awful though, unless you have a taste for 80's style horror.

    Ok, there's a few less-than-obvious titles. I have more, but I want to see if anyone is interested before I put in the time. Anyone else have some good titles?

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    Spy Kids - the girl wore diapers for bedwetting

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    The only movie I know of is the Loneliest Runner. The Loneliest Runner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It's written by Michael Landon and is meant to be autobiographical. I watched it years ago but if I recall correctly it's about a boy who wets the bed, and his mum hangs his sheets out of his bedroom window so every day he runs home after school to hide them before the other kids in his neighbourhood make it. Because he has to run home from school all the time he gets really good at running and becomes a famous athlete.

    I also saw a trailer for a film entitled The Bedwetter recently:

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    Back in 1973 the feature directed by Ted Post which virtually ended the careers of Ruth Roman and Anjanette Comer titled "The Baby" was released in mainstream movie theaters. Subsequently it has become a cult classic, a mix of adults being treated as diapered babies and slasher gore. Yet it does show up on TV sometimes.

    Back in 1994, when Matthew Broderick was still best known for "Feris Bueler's Day Off" he starred in "The Road to Wellville" about a controversial early 1900s health spa run by Dr. Kellog of the cereal fortune. One thing causing the controversy was that the clients of the spa wore diapers.

    Baby diapers get changed in "Mister Mom" with comic effect.

    Speaking of Matthew Broderick, his real-life wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, made a TV series and 2 feature films called "Sex and the City" in the first 2008 feature "Charlotte York" (played by Kristin Davis) has an adopted daughter age 5 or 6 named "Lily" The girl is precocious in many ways. Yet when all the adult women start to try on dresses, Lily is shown clearly wearing disposable Pull-Ups. No mention of this is made in the script. "Mirranda" (played by Cynthia Nixon) had a son of about 8, so also was a mother. There was so little reaction by those characters to the Pull-Ups it was as if those were expected on girls as old as 6. To me this proves the commercials by Huggies for Pull-Ups work.

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    there is that one with Juliez Benz ( Dexter, No ordinary family, etc.. )
    she and her friends are cursed by a ghost, so they aged really fast and become incontinent.
    there's a whole scene of her wearind a huge disposible diaper, and buying diapers at the store...
    i think the title is "Bad Girls From Valley High".
    not really abdl though...
    but man, julien ben wearing a diaper? hot as hell!

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    On Big Daddy (Adam Sandler movie) the 5 year old boy (forgot his name) wets the bed and Adam puts paper down on the bed for him. Thats the best I can think of right now

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    On DD people were making a big deal about an incontinent character in a movie called Bad Girls of Sweetvalley High.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessyMan View Post
    On DD people were making a big deal about an incontinent character in a movie called Bad Girls of Sweetvalley High.
    At this moment I am looking at our DVD copy of the movie "Bad Girls From Valley High" which is distributed by Universal. This is hardly a masterpiece, certainly not something Janet Leigh or Christopher Lloyd listed on their resumes. It does star Julie Benz, Nicole Bilderback and Monica Keener.

    At least this film has not ended those careers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexmonkey View Post
    Spy Kids - the girl wore diapers for bedwetting
    she did??? interesting.

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