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Thread: Dreams about urinating/peeing and wetting the bed.

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    Default Dreams about urinating/peeing and wetting the bed.

    I often get this dream where I am either standing at a toilet or standing by a tree or bush and I am desperate to pee or urinate, I then release in the dream, the releif is very great. I seem to pee for ages feeling releived when I have done. I often awake after that and find that I have soaked the bed, or more recently my Nappy/Diaper.
    How many of you guys have this recurring dream like I do ?

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    I do about once a week. I find that i'm soaked after these dreams. But then again, I'm soaked even when I don't have them.

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    Very rarely, I get this dream where I'm standing in front of this tiny toilet, and I start peing in it. Although it overflows rapidly, I can't stop. I then realize it's just a dream... >.<

    ...and end up soaked (usually, the diaper *phew*)

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    Every time I have a dream of peeing, I always wake up not wet. Its actually quite weird. I was always told if you do pee in your dreams, you will pee in real life. I actually get the same sensation of peeing, just with out the pee.

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    i dream about peeing all the time, i almost never wake up wet. i am a mild bedwetter though. i will only wet once or so a month. enough to have an absorband sheet over my bed. i have only wet because of these dreams maybe once or twice as far as i can remember...

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    I often have dreams where I'm wetting my diaper or peeing on the toilet...but I never wet the bed. "I and my to though bladder" :P

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    usually i have these dreams not about being in the bathroom but when im swimming or something, which is strange cause i dont pee in the water, but for some reason in the dreams i do and i wake up wet.

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    It's only ever happened to me once, but it was almost exactly as you describe - I sensed I was weeing in the toilet and woke up to find myself in a wet bed (and this was in a university hall of residence, aargh!)


    Baby Artie

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    I have these a lot. Had one at my friends house for the first time last night. I always wet my pants and nothing else gets wet, I don't know how.

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