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    Well next weekend I got a show coming up. AN unplugged show I'm playing with this cute boy. So far things are going really well as we get ready for the show. We have to have a set list of at lest 5 songs. As of now It's
    1. Creep (cover)
    2. Horse with no name (cover)
    3. Falling out ( other boys song)
    4. Masked eyes ( my song)
    I need a little help picking the last song for our list since he does not wanna pick it and as long as it can be played unplugged with 2 guitars we're good. Want to help me out a little and pick a song for me guys?
    Have you guys ever played a show before? It's so much fun!

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    I can't say I've done any two-man acoustic shows and it's hard to give a good guess as to range and interests from your two covers, but as a shot in the dark, I'd suggest something from Elliot Smith. A lot from his "either/or" album is very spare and either is or would work well with acoustic. I hope someone else will have a better or wider-ranging suggestion for you.

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    Im not sure. But good luck and hope you have lots of fun.

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    Playing shows is awesome. I've played 2, but both have been with electricity :P
    I don't know many good acoustic songs, maybe something by Tenacious D

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    Not acoustic but you can do an acoustic cover. :DD

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    I was thinking that last night when I had the MTV live Nirvana on!

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    I thought that was Street light that played I failed.

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    Most of these are electric, but can be played acoustically. I don't know if any of these are up your alley but check them out:

    "Megan"- Smoking Popes (Bayside does an acoustic cover)
    "The quiet things that no one ever knows" - Brand New
    "The Boy who blocked his own shot" - Brand New
    "Talking of Michaelangelo" - Bayside
    "Waiting Four Years" - Silverstein
    "My Heroine" - Silverstein (there's an acoustic version)
    "You Won't Know" - Brand New
    "Play Crack the Sky"- Brand New
    "Wave of Mutilation" - Pixies (B-side slower version)
    "Swing Life Away" - Rise Against (This is a single guitar, but could be done on two)
    Almost anything by Against Me! can be turned acoustic and sound good
    "Air" - Sparta (I highly recommend this one)

    Tell us what you guys decided to play and how the show went!! And Good Luck!!
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    I'm letting you all know the last song for the show has been picked, but any input for shows I do later on are cool. We picked Hero of war by rise against ( I was really pushing for Falloing down by Muyse, but he's not a big fan of them so...I'll solo it next time I'm in the café. I'll let you know how it goes if this thread is not next, com next Saturday. I'll let you know late at night like I always do. I think we'll be just fine. I'm only scared my might get a little emotional if they don't like my song since it really means a lot to me. It's about how we ( or well I) hide ourselves from others. Never letting the truth about myself out ( Being Bi and such) Well I just hope it all works out, thanks for the help!

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    The show was so much fun and the few people there seemed to like us. I can't wait to do it again, maybe solo or with him. I wish he was gay.

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