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Thread: Steam (pc gaming)

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    Cool Steam (pc gaming)

    Hey guys, Back from purging.

    Any steam gamers out there?
    Steam as in TF2, GMOD, HL2, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    I only know of firefox, but there might be moar......

    Pm me, and i might friend ya

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    Heyyy! It's not just PC anymore, dude! Steam's on Mac now! (And thank golly goose that it is.)

    I've always wanted to really use Steam, but when I found out about it and tried it out, my computer couldn't handle it. Hopefully when I get my Macbook Pro, I'll be up and playing TF2 and L4D. (I've only played them on the Xbox360 and I'd be content with that, but I don't wanna pay 50 bucks a year for service and then 8 more dollars every time a new campaign comes around.)

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    Uh, wrong forum dude. Off-Topic: Computers and Games

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    Gotta love Gmod, 370-something hours of play time now...

    Steam is wonderful, yet people don't believe me when I tell them it's just that great. Games are cheap, no subscription fee, ect. ect. and all you need is a half decent PC... or Mac...

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    Thread moved to Computers and Games.

    Sorry though, I'm not a Steam gamer. Otherwise, I would likely share more.

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    L4D, L4D2, TF2, Amnesia: The Dark Decent, and Civilization V are all what I have and play on Steam.

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    I LOVE STEAM! What's sad is that it takes less time to buy a game with paypal and download it than it does to actually go to the store.

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    Love there new years sale. Always end up with a lot of games I never try though.

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    I've got steam with following games:

    * audiosurf
    * COD:Black Ops
    * COD:Modern Warfare2
    * AaAaAA!!!-A reckless disregard for gravity
    * Alien swarm
    * ARMA2
    * Battlefield:Bad Company 2
    * Beat Hazard
    * Commandos: Behind Enemy lines
    * Counter strike
    * Counter strike: condition zero
    * Counter strike: Condition zero deleted scenes
    * Counter strike: source
    * Counter strike: source beta
    * GTA
    * GTA2
    * GTA3
    * GTA: Vice City
    * GTA: San Andreas
    * GRID
    * Half Life
    * Half life:source
    * Half life 2
    * Half life 2: deathmatch
    * Half life 2: episode one
    * Half life 2: episode two
    * Half life 2: lost coast
    * IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946
    * Killing Floor
    * Killing Floor mod: Defence Alliance 2
    * Left 4 Dead
    * Left 4 Dead 2
    * Medal of Honor (tier one)
    * Nightmare house (HL2 mod, pretty scary!)
    * Portal
    * Portal: Prelude
    * Race 07
    * Race On
    * STCC: The game
    * Team Fortress 2
    * Tropico 3
    * Worms Reloaded
    * Zombie Panic Source

    I love how easy it is to buy/play games, and you can use it on multiple computers
    if anyone is interested in gaming with me (I'm in belgium, so probably near that timezone), pm me for my steam ID

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    I hate steam. I hate how easy it is to buy games, I hate all the sales they have, I hate the fact that I can use it on multiple computers. I hate that it makes me waste soooo much time playing. I hate it so much that I have 101 games, and it has its own dedicated partition.

    Damn you valve. Damn you.

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