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Thread: Potty chair for grownups

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    Default Potty chair for grownups

    This is an answer to gnd567's thread from February (now closed)

    The fact that adult sized plastic potties are not routinely available in the US or UK is not the end of the story. There are other places where they are on sale.

    For example: if you run

    nocnik dla doroslych

    through Google, you will find a Polish company called Jantar who are making them. They are not quite like modern baby potties - more like the old-fashioned under-the-bed chamber pot to look at. But they are not like the institutional hospital commode chairs: you have to squat onto them like a toddler would. They're about 11cm (4-5 inches) tall, and 22cm (9 inches) across, and the fact they are flat (no splash guard) should help. They're white plastic (ideal for potty training stickers when toddlers are good!)

    Below Jantar's listing are several Polish distributors who will sell them, and I think they will do international delivery. Price is about 23 Polish zloty - about 8 US bucks or 5 British pounds.

    Worth a thought, if that's the sort of AB you are...?

    Baby Artie

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    Do you have a link to a picture or something? Google is not very helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessyMan View Post
    Do you have a link to a picture or something? Google is not very helpful.
    He mentioned running a GIS for "nocnik dla doroslych". I found the images with that.

    Anyway, I think I've always been interested in the idea, but not this particular iteration of it. The potty chairs I see are all child-sized. The chamber pot type things you mention look to me like I could accomplish the same with a trip to Target or any seasonal store selling beach toys (for a bucket).

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    Link to the page.

    Doesn't really resemble anything I would have pictured.

    Google Translate

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    You could try what I did. I took a large white plastic basin and cut a hole in the bottom and turned it upside-down. The hole was a size so a slightly smaller blue basin sits in the hole. Et voila. Instant potty.

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    I forgot I even made a thread about this. Not what I was thinking either but interesting.

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