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Thread: Thanksgiving!

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    Default Thanksgiving!

    What are you guys doing for thanksgiving?

    I know my friend is coming home from military camp, and our familys will be spending time together on Thanksgiving! I'm super pumped.

    What about you guys?

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    Flying home to be with family. I can't wait for the GS-3 TSA screener's hand to be all over my junk.

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    Working all day on Thanksgiving. Family is going out of town so I may go to my Grandparents house Thursday night. But Friday morning I'm leaving out on a motorcycle trip to Tenn to meet up with a good friend to hang out. DL weekend Coming back Saturday night and have to work on Sunday.

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    I'm converging at my kid brother's place, meeting him and the 'rents. We actually are not cooking (mainly due to my mom thinking that his kitchen was last cleaned somewhere around the same time people were driving Edsel's and Studebaker's), but rather going out to dinner at a restaurant.

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    Like the last 3-4 years, I will be spending thanksgiving alone. I'm right now trying to find one thing I can say I am truely thankful for this year... (really.)

    Thanksgiving like many holidays usually just serve to remind me just how alone I really am in the world each year. I love family things it really rips me apart. I am just hoping right now that I can totally splurge and like spend 10 dollars on my dinner. But I don't think that is going to happen either.

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    (Boy, are you all going to feel stupid when you realize Thanksgiving was over a month ago)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcviper View Post
    Flying home to be with family. I can't wait for the GS-3 TSA screener's hand to be all over my junk.
    When I next fly, if we're still doing this silliness, I'm going to tell the TSA clown that if they touch me, I'm touching them. And they'll have to buy me dinner. Also, I am seriously thinking about getting and wearing a huge penis-sleeve; when they touch me, I'll scream at the top of my lungs, "YEEEAAAHHHHH! That turns me ON!!" and start thrusting my pelvis at the screener.

    It'll be worth the citation and tazing, I think, to create a scene that would hopefully embarrass the TSA-holes and raise awareness of the situation.

    Oh. And I've been invited to a friend's family gathering for the second year in a row. She has a huge family and it's pretty surprising for me, coming from a tiny family, but the food and camaraderie is incredible and I enjoyed myself last year. Plus, it got me out of the house and started me thinking through a few things.

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    I'm flying into California with my parents and sister Wednesday morning to see my brother and his kid.

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    Doing the fam thing Wednesday to Friday, then going out with some ABDLs for a night in NYC this coming Saturday, and then the weekend after hosting a big padded potluck (belated) thanksgiving with the New England ABDL crew. Busy busy.

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