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Thread: RINGTONES - Do you have or what type of Baby ringtones do you have? . . . Any interesting experiences with such?

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    Default RINGTONES - Do you have or what type of Baby ringtones do you have? . . . Any interesting experiences with such?

    How about those ringtones? It seems that everyone's individual ringtones tell a story about the person and what they may like. I had often considered getting a Baby related ringtone, but knew I would be to embarrased to have it play in public. However, last night I made my first "Baby theme" ringtone purchase.

    I am curious about, and think it would be fun to share if others have baby-themed ringtones and any experiences you may have had.

    1) What Baby related ringtones you all might have come accross or use on your cell phones.
    2) Do you have a Baby or Diaper related ringtone on your phone now?
    3) Does anyone have a Baby theme related ring-back tone?

    I have a non-fancy cell phone. I needed one that was rugged and didn't get broke easily, so I don't have a lot of fancy buttons or screens. However, in addition to a few western themes used, I have punched in searches for "diaper", "baby", "nursery rhymes", and such. I was looking for something really babyish and soft, like a lullabye. Never found one I really liked until last night. It is "Hush Little Baby", but Solange. At first I thought it was a little bit too hip-hop, but it grew on me so I purchased it.

    I have to admit I am still be too embarrassed for it to be my main ringtone in case it was heard by others. So I will stick with my western theme song for now. However, I use my cell phone as my alarm clock, and I have set it as the ringtone there. It was awesome waking up this morning to "Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mama's going to buy you a mocking bird. And if that mocking bird don't sing, Mama's going to buy you some new playthings".

    I've got to admit, I've been listening to it several times today and set the alarms just to hear it.

    I think it would be really great to hear you all's ringtone/ringback stories.
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    I'll eventually have a phone with ringtones. Right now mine just goes, "ring, ring."

    I sure hope some people have some though they can list

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    i have the pull ups potty dance song in mp3 format on my cell phone set as my ring tone but i also have or my screen save a picture of a baby wearing a onesie which says "real men wear diapers"......

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