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    Default Greetings!

    I'm Baby Artie - 40ish, married, one stepchild still at home. I live in the UK, (I'm not saying where, this is a small community and I'd really rather it stays private) and I've been interested in the AB scene for about half of my life - ever since I understood that there was such a thing.

    Look forward to getting to know some of you better...


    Baby Artie

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    Hi Artie,

    Welcome to ADISC

    Great to have yet another person from the UK come to join us Good to see you've already started contributing and I'm sure you will fit in well here.

    Anyway, aside from being an AB what kind of things are you interested in? Any hobbies or pastimes you really enjoy? Do you enjoying any particular sports, films or types of music? We like to try and all get to know each other here, and your introduction thread is a great place to tell us a bit about yourself, and of course to begin to get to know us as well. If you'd like a little help with regard to the kinds of things you might share there's a 'cheat sheet' written by one of our staff members that may help you here:

    Look forward to hearing more from you,


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    Welcome, Artie. Glad to have you aboard, as they say.

    If you've been into it for 20 years, then you've seen the scene grow from a couple negligible web sites and chats to a full-fledged on-line community. I've been around 12 years, and the growth has been staggering even for me.

    As Jess said, what other kinds of stuff are ya into? We all agree diapers rock, so...what else is there? -grin-

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    Well.... actually we don't all agree that diapers rock - not all of the time. I play just a little bit older than most babies - as a toddler in potty training. I like nappies at nap time and bed time, but trainer pants are my favourite when I'm up and playing with my nanny or my aunty.

    I'm a little wary of saying too much about myself - I've spent a long time working for an organisation that was obsessive about security. But the thing I probably enjoy most away from the scene here is family history/genealogy. I can cook a bit too - I make a mean soup!



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