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Thread: Diapered for the Holiday

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    Default Diapered for the Holiday

    I am wondering how many of you are going to be in nice soft thick diapers for the holiday? and are you traveling any place?

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    I am going back to my parent's house over the holidays, so I expect to be diapered a lot less if at all. But I am usually so busy back at home that I won't have time to think about diapers anyway.

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    I'm going to my Dad and Step Mom's house along with some other family members. I expect to be padded for the occasion.

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    I'm going to be home alone for two and a half days (my mom's going somewhere, and we're celebrating Thanksgiving late at my dad's), so I may go 24/7 for those two and a half days.

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    No i wont be able too, too much family home. wont for a few weeks =\

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    I hope to be wearing nice thick Bambinos 24/7 , my supplier & I've been out of them for months
    the cloth-like ones suck in my opinion , the tapes have broken in the night.

    I would buy wellness -(aka - nasa diapers) if they were available in Canada

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    I won't mix family and fetish, but I'll probably be wearing at night.

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    I will be padded for Thanksgiving since I wont be around family since they do not I have been having some issues with my bladder. However for Christmas holidays I will have plastic pants since I cant seem to stay totally dry.

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    I'm having my boyfriend round my house for a week between Christmas and New Year, and we plan to be padded & in sleepers the whole time. Whether that actually happens is another matter (we tend to just think "meh, sod it" when the time comes, if history is any indication), but that's the plan, at least!

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