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Thread: An odd realization...

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    Default An odd realization...

    ...I realized that I've never written and introduction. Yet, here I am, 200 posts later... Well, better late than never, I guess!

    During the summer, I had bought my first pack of diapers, though they were very low grade, Depends, I was ecstatic. I had known about my interest for a while. I knew that I was a DL from the moment that I had stumbled across any number of FA submissions containing wet/full diapers.

    What had happened that had empowered me to buy diapers, was that my parents were gone for the weekend, same with 2 of my siblings out of three. The third was gone most of the time, so I decided it was worth the risk.

    After finishing at the local drug store (some 4 miles from my house) I biked back home (for I still have to re-obtain my driver's license to this day). Luckily, no one was home, so I tried them out. Even though I didn't really like the way they fit, I knew that I was on the right track with padding. I was so Ecstatic, I joined the community, after cleverly stashing my stock in an old computer that hadn't been touched in years.

    Thus, that brought me here, and some of my interests include anime, gaming (some of my personal favorites are "No More Heroes," and the guitar hero series), RP'ing (which I have done on many occasions already), I like to duel with Yugioh cards, and I am a furry, but I'm one of the DL only's, as apposed to *B-ism.

    I guess that's about all I can think of... but, feel free to ask anything else you want to know about my interests, hobbies, etc.

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    Hey, welcome to the site. I hope you'll find it useful and enjoyable and maybe you'll even make some posts...hmm, that doesn't work so well. This is what happens when you do these things out of order! Congratulations on the diaper purchase, by the way. That's one of those rites of passage for us. Hope they don't end up causing you any trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    Hope they don't end up causing you any trouble.
    Lol, no kidding. That seems to happen a lot more these days :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimini View Post
    Lol, no kidding. That seems to happen a lot more these days :P
    I've already had a few close calls, and I've only had one pack so far :X

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    Nice, another Yugioh fan! PM me sometime so we can chat!

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    I just realized that I never said, " Welcome to ADISC, Dann. ", so... Welcome to ADISC, Dann.

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