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Thread: Kidney stones suck!

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    Default Kidney stones suck!

    This past week sucked. When I was in class Monday, I had this awful, unbearable pain in my side but I couldn't leave class since I had to take a quiz. After that, I went back to my dorm in alot of pain and took a nap...luckily the pain went away. But later that night, the pain came back and I was literally rolling on the floor for an hour waiting for the pain to stop, but since it didnt, I called my friend to take me to the hospital. Turned out, I had kidney stones. I never had them before, but now I know what it feels like. I passed the stones yesterday, so I'm good now, but ouch!

    In better news, I'm home right now and I'm finally in a diapy after like 3 weeks or something like that...

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    You're really young to be having kidney stones. I've never had them but everyone who has says it's terribly painful. I hope they never come back as I'm sure you never want to go through that again. I think living where we do, me in Virginia and you in South Caroline, that we are in a high risk area for kidney stones. Be careful about drinking the water as it has a lot of minerals, and good luck.

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    o had a few kidney stines when i was sitting my leaving cert (Irish equivalent of the SAT) and they are not fun. i had tiny ones that i could pass by myself. the dr said they were more than likely the size of a grain of sand. but my god i have never experienced anything more painfull. it was horrible, i would get a real bad pain then need to pee. and when i would pee the pain would get so intense i woul pass out.

    i got alcohol poisoning during the summer and i thought it was kidney stones. i think that shows how horrible they can be.
    I feel for you dude. how you feeling now? i bet that diapy is helping

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    ha, glad it's cleared up now. I'm just sick with the Flu now, so it's just one thing after another...

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    This thread is making me wince.

    I had a friend with kidney stones in middle school, and now it's coming out that he is predisposed to getting them. It just seems like such a painful predicament to be placed in.

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    Ow jeez that sucks. Glad to hear you are better and diapered (they always make things better). Get yourself some cranberry juice; it's good for the urinary system.

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