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Thread: Tyra Banks Show: AB/DL

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    Default Tyra Banks Show: AB/DL

    YouTube - Tyra Banks - About AB/DL

    I, usually, don't watch Tyra Banks, but I thought that this was interesting. I know, it's a couple years old, but I think that it is relevant to our forum.

    What do you guys think about this video? Personally, I can relate to what the girl is talking about: Diapers, and pretending to be a baby, are a huge comfort for me. And, I think that she is very brave for going on national television, and talking about her ABDLism.

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    I think it is cool that she was on the show, but Tyra is such a bitch. She asks too many stupid questions and just flat out calls it strange. -_-

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    it is mostly because of this segment that I hate Tyra Banks... I never liked her to begin with but this certainly didn't help.
    at least it was more mainstream time for the AB/DL community though and it wasn't painted in a Jerry Springer light...

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    It's good for our community. They presented this AB, and tyra kept an open mind and made her feel comfortable, and she was normal, and not called attention to in a negative way.

    They tried to do the same thing on an austrilian talk show, but the hosts just called him a pervert and pedophile and wouldn't let him talk. I just wanted to STAB those guys!! okay, maybe not stab, but have them be quiet while WE give THEM an on-air verbal beatdown! does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

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    I don't think it was exactly "good" for the community. While she didn't call us pedophiles, her tone of voice made us sound "icky." I could do without that. -grin-

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    It's a million times better than Heidi Lynne on Springer. I don't think it hurt the community at all. It showed that she was a normal person with a kink rather than a weirdo with a bizarre lifestyle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killman View Post
    I think it is cool that she was on the show, but Tyra is such a bitch. She asks too many stupid questions and just flat out calls it strange. -_-
    Well, with all due respect, it is strange lol. But who cares? I know I don't!

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    Oh no, I don't like Tyra Banks's drama She doesn't make me feel very good when she utterly rejects people and snubs them. She wasn't too mean I guess, but she seemed snobby and asked way too detailed questions :x

    The girl in diapers in the video is really pretty ^-^

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    I believe they did the same on a brittish talk show called trisha they had an ab on there and these people in
    themaudiencemthat believed they represented what was normal

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    I can't he;p but think that female AB's will help represent us better due to the audiences prejudices, if it's a guy it's easier for people to just tag them as a pervert or a paedophile,

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