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    Exclamation Greetings

    Hello to all that read this post, how be you all.
    i am charlay
    why i am here
    i love to roleplay
    i love all kinds of roleplay
    im assuming i can only to ABDL roleplay here, but that is fine
    im not amazing but i have been roleplaing for a long time and i am looking for more people to roleplay with because for some reason it is all getting really boring, so please halp meh

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    *snaps fingers in front of your face* Snap out of it! Anyway, yeah, you have to be an established contributor to get access to the Roleplay forum. Sorry to tell you that. Anyway, what are your other interests? Hobbies, favorite book, favorite movie, etc?

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    first of all if u mean the blue name, i am now, second, i like action horror comedy scifi and anime related rp's shows and movies, i love swimming, gaming,drawing(not great tho) and a few other things i cant think of

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    No, actually, you have to have the green name to access roleplay. (Be a member for a week, keep reputation at least 0, and have 20 posts) Also what kind of games do you like to play?

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