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    I live in Germany and especially like cloth diapers and stories of adult males who get regressed to a helpless baby by a dominant women. Maybe the better description is that he shrinks. My favorite part is forced diapering with thick cloth diapers and plastic pants.

    I like to see the regression, love to see how the male is loosing more and more of his control. All the time he is aware of it but is not able to do anything against it. The woman is playing with him, playing with his sexual feelings.

    There are a few writer who like this theme. Larrbear,Douglas Greene and
    Lane2K. I shared my thoughts with Lane2k on a Yahoo roleplaygroup but he disappeared a few months ago.

    I am looking for a new roleplay partner and hope to find him here.


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    Hi Wundex,

    Welcome to adisc

    First, just to let you know that this website is a community open to both teens (aged 13+) and adults. As such we don't try to encourage new members to try and seek out people to engage with outside of this website, this is to ensure that both adults and teens are kept safe. Once you become an established member here you will gain access to the role-playing forum, however, if you are looking for private role-play I suggest you are careful about searching for it here, a website with many minors. You may wish to wait until you have become a more known member of this forum before seeking to find someone who will role-play with you outside of this website.

    Anyway, outside of your AB-related interests what sort of things do you like? What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies, passions, a favourite sport, film genre, an unusual collection or club you're a member of? Whilst adisc is a diaper site we are not only interested in talking bout diapers and what it means to be an AB/DL. We are all about the community here, and as such we like to really get to know our new members, outside of the reasons they've come to this website. Your introductions thread will be a great place to start making friends on this forum, so the more you can share about yourself the better!

    Also, if you like reading stories then we have several people who post AB fiction here on our stories boards, I'm not sure if there are many stories of the type you say you are into, but if you have a read around you may find something you like

    Look forward to hearing more from you

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