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Thread: A Happy November and sincere appreciation to those in this forum

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    Default A Happy November and sincere appreciation to those in this forum

    Hmmm … who am I … I think most would agree with characterizing myself as a mild mannered, easy going, gentlemanly, middle management professional kinda guy that among other things in the appreciation of life also has private fetish interests that he seeks to nurture and explore

    What brings me to this forum … well, actually it wasn’t diapers. I “googled” “marshmallow enema” and up came this forum and an extremely intriguing lengthy thread. The question might be more like what motivates me toward a further interest and even to introduce myself … well, beyond finding myself going through the entire 80+ pages of the thread, I appreciated the personal thoughts and perspectives those in this forum shared

    O.k., so what are my other interests … errr … ummm … when I am not messing with spreadsheets and reporting software as part of making a living, there is always stuff around the house to be done, pets, some cycling now and then among other things as well as day to day minutia … ahhh … and what about the juicy stuff like those private fetish interest alluded to a few words ago … my core and intense most intimate fetish is founded in shared experiences and exploring “toys” related to e-scene and med. fet. themes in variation.

    What am I looking for out of this site … the kindness, openness, and friendly supportive atmosphere encountered while in the initial thread introducing me to this forum, fosters a welcome understanding of potential moments when incorporating diapers in my fetish interests in shared journeys. I may not have an inner motivation toward wearing diapers myself, but it is a natural extension potentially involved in the med. fet. themes in variation (dare I be so bold as to affirm such involving some of the same targeted geography as diapers) with those I share intimate journeys. Thank you for such a pleasant place to be able to visit and when appropriate share like minded thoughts. Now I have to wonder to myself if this and my verbose tendency all makes any sense to anyone other than me … 8-)

    With a big 'ole wide eyed smile, warmest fulfilling wishes to all.

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    Hi TIVofNJ

    Welcome to ADISC And congrats on an excellent introduction - did you use spddan's cheat sheet? I always like it when people do, it shows they took the time to look around her and get a feel for the place first, which I think is always a good sign. So yay, you're already on super bonus points! I can tell from your intro that you should fit right in here

    Ooh ooh ooh! You mentioned pets, who are your pets? My pet is a little cat (see avatar) who I completely adore and dote on, she is completely spoilt, but luckily cats suit being completely spoilt so it's okay. I wish I could have a whole menagerie of animals, but as it stands now I'm not allowed pets in my house and had to persuade my landlord to let me have my cat, he said yes but on the condition we weren't allowed any more. So I will have to put the rabbits and the guinea pigs and hamsters and chipmunks and chninchillas and degus and all of the other animals I gaze at when I visit the pet shop on hold for a while.

    I see you briefly mentioned your fetish interests here; Just in case you haven't already realised ADISC is designed to be a support community that offers support to both adults and minors (aged 13+) so whilst it's okay to discuss the fetish side of this lifestyle, the general rule is to keep it PG and avoid going into much detail or being graphic etc and for those sorts of discussion to be coming from more of a support/advice angle than anything else. I don't think anything you mentioned in your intro was inappropriate, but just to give you a heads up

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing you around the forums,

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    Welcome to ADISC from Australia. My work is training mainly young people for work, also using some spreadsheets and data bases. Two of my main interests in life are science and astronomy. I have found this to be a very friendly and supportive site. I like your verbose tendency, enjoy your time here.

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    From another NJer, welcome! From what you describe, ADISC might be the place for you. We're not a site about diapers, we're about the people in them. And sex/fetishes do get discussed here, but we keep it clean- we're about helping each other understand ourselves better, not about helping each other fap. That said, what I find here is that you get out of membership what you put in. We go through waves (or at least I do) of a while with tons of threads with compelling discussions, then slow periods. Be involved in the threads, don't be afraid to share your opinion- but back up what you say and be compelling. The people who spend time to thoughtfully add their $0.02 to to the group are the ones who really make this place what it is. You sound like you have a lot to share, hope I see you in the forums soon!

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