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Thread: So I bought a Mac

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    Lightbulb So I bought a Mac

    Or rather a Macintosh, 1986 Macintosh SE with 1 MB of and 2 800k floppy
    drives. I bought it on ebay, and it only comes with a power cable. I think
    it uses PS/2 connectors which means I have a mouse and keyboard that
    should work. I'll have to reinstall the OS on it but thats not a huge undertaking.
    But yeah, $20, what should I do with it? :P
    Generic image:
    or not, I'm not an established contributor yet, so no picture, lol.

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    You should charge people admission to view the ancient artifact. Find some gullible souls, lure them in.

    Get some 8" disk drives, and you'll really be in heaven.

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    oh god, haha. Apparently they're capable of browsing the web in some primitive form.
    I'm thinking I might actually use it as my desktop just for the lulz :P.

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    A couple of years ago I read about a guy that had managed to get Apache running on a Palm III. It got slashdotted. But a cool project nonetheless. There is an idea for you.

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    Interesting, while I have no reason to set up apache, that did somehow remind me that there are versions of linux built for older macs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mombasa View Post
    it uses PS/2 connectors
    NO, it uses ADB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gil View Post
    NO, it uses ADB.
    My apologies, I use PC's, so I was just going off of what the ports look like.

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    So, take the guts out and replace with more modern apple or PC (!) hardware and hack that mac! I saw this that might serve to inspire you!

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    Could always get a basic word processor like MacWrite and use it for typing stuff. Old Apple serial printers can be had on eBay for dirt cheap as well.

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    it's just gonna be to mess around with, I have no reason to get a printer for it, lol.

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