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    Exclamation 9 out of 12

    Ok i made a comment before and i need to exsplain more. i wet the bed last night and it got soaked. well, this is the 9th time out of 12 days. should i let my parents know?? btw i wet last year and had ddavp that worked for awhile and i tried it again and it didnt work. so what am i to do??

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    Ouch, 9 out of 12 days? Are those consecutive days? I think you should talk to your parents. I mean, your post seems to indicate that they know about your wetting last year, so it's not tremendous news to them. Best to keep them in the know about these things and to see a doctor to find out about what can be done.

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    Considering your profile says your 15 and wetting may be the sign of possible health issues beyond just wetting i am going to go with yes. Sucks having to swallow your pride but consider the following benefits:

    A: Getting medical attention which may fix the issue or at the very least provide some kind of possible diagnosis.
    B: Hopefully getting some kind of system, plan, or temporary solutation setup(rubber sheats/protective undergarment/el'save'the'mattress wear so you dont need to wake up to a soaked bed thus ruining your mattress.

    What ever happends <_< be sure to explain to your parents that the utmost concern should be that you continue to get a goodnights sleep(no pun intended) which is critical for us teenagers development(I.E. dont do stuff that ruins your sleep... like those stupid bedwetter alarms...oh god)... and finally.. i suggest reframing from promoting the "padding proposal" unless they suggest it first or upon speaking with a doctor. You don't want to open things up comming off on the wrong foot because your parents may have info about you that you think they dont and therefore base their decision to take you seriously around it.

    And of course... the usual debrief.

    --Make sure your not faking it... that seems to be a trendy fail procedure here but yea basically yea.

    Good luck and best wishes,


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    Wetting the bed 9 out of 12 days, I'm no doctor but that doesn't really look like a good sign. Tell your parents and tell them you want to see a doctor.

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    i went to the doctor last year and all they could come up with is late bedwetting.i have had test down and read on internet is the only thing it could also be is diabetes and it isnt that cause i had to take a urine test for a physical and got results and all was fine. now it is 9 out of 13 and they havent been in row. and how should i talk to my parents about it?? btw it is truly accidents.

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    Ok, Just go to your parents, and tell them that you have to tell them something, and your embarrassed about it. Then just tell them about the accidents. You NEED to do this before it turns into something dangerous.

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    i think i will go to a doctor that they dont know and get his opinion on this. i have one in mind tha will only charge 40 bucks without insurance. i live iin country so i will have to go when i am springfield next time. i set an appointment for november 22. i will tell you how it goes.

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    Why are you so opposed to telling your parents? I mean, you had medication for your bedwetting last year, so I assume they know. It's not like it's new news. I mean, sure, it's a year later, but so what? They knew about your bedwetting issues a year ago.

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    I agree with what most of the people here say. If you wet the bed last year and stopped and then you started wetting again mostly every night, you should tell your folks. You may need to see a doctor and your folks should know. It's no disgrace to wet your bed and you shouldn't feel that you are weird for doing it either. Tell your folks and get some help.
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