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Thread: Seepage from Clothlike Covered Diapers

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    Default Seepage from Clothlike Covered Diapers

    I've noticed, as a life-long bedwetter who sleeps through a log, sometimes through multiple wettings, until my alarm wakes me in the morning, that cloth-backed diapers tend to 'seep' through... even if they don't leak, the outside feels damp by morning and sometimes damp enough to mark the bedding and my pajamas (and therefore, I despise them and avoid them at all costs).
    Has anyone else noticed this? I mean, they're great if you are changing as soon as you wet, but when you sleep like I do, it's not always possible.

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    Yes I have, not so much with Abena, but with any other "generic" brand and the tranquility products too.. I actually e-mailed them and even sent off samples to be tested, never got a reply.

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    I've had that issue as well, it is one of the many reasons I don't care for the cloth like backing.

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    Umm, yeah, especially after soaking the driver's seat on my moms almost new prius, and not even knowing it till i got up, at least the full plastic backing gives warning of impending doom (usually)

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    I would suggest plastic pants, but you lose the breath ability aspect of the diaper. It also makes the diaper hotter, and accelerates the urine turning into ammonia.

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    Plastic pants, IMO, are little torture devices... I've always found they dig and cut me if they fit properly, and if they don't hurt me, they're too big.

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    you can always order or make yourself a outer diaper cover out of PUL fabric, its lighter weight and would still prevent leaks as its waterproof on the outside. if you can make your own you can customize the size. if you cant then adjustable fit plastic pants with Velcro should work for you.

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