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Thread: I need gift ideas for my Daddy! :D

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    Question I need gift ideas for my Daddy! :D

    So I just had the cutest idea while watching the Christmas episode of Hamtaro! I decided that most of my gifts to Daddy will be from "big" me, to my boyfriend. But I also want to get Daddy a sticking full of smaller things from Takkun. I know I want to do some coloring pages, and probably a poem from little me, and candy.

    Does anyone else have any ideas of stuff that a 6 (ish) year old might get their Dad? (I am also sort of a 6 month old kitten, so anything related to that would be cute too. I was thinking maybe a small stuffed bird, you know how cats are ^_^)

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    maybe make him something out of clay, or fimo! Fimo is really cool - it's like clay and you can bake it in the oven. You can make jewellery and fridge magnet and badges and all sorts of other fun stuff out of him, and it will be something he can keep forever from little you to him.

    STAEDTLER FIMO modelling clays and accessories

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    A mismatched bead necklace would be good, especially if he actually wears it once or twice for you.

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    Play-Doh sculptures.
    But remember. Play-Doh is fun to play with, but not to eat. *wink

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    Dough/ fimo things and macaroni pictures and necklaces! OMG, sound so fun! I dunno why I had a brain fart. I don't remember kindergarten enough I guess lol And my handiwork at Play-Doh is pretty childish anyway. I will probably try to make stuff he likes, like the Tron guy, and maybe a simple Transformers. yeay for Play-Doh Bumblebee!

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