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Thread: Is it okay?

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    Question Is it okay?

    Hey I was just wondering. Is it normal to not want to wet or soil your diaper? Can you wear them just for comfort? I don't like the idea of becoming incontinent and I wear do wear diapers for comfort, thanks

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    Hi MrAwesome

    Don't worry, there is no 'normal' when it comes to wearing and using diapers. Every member has a different reason for wearing diapers, and there are lots of ways to enjoy wearing diapers without needing to actually use them. You are certainly not the only member who enjoys wearing diapers mainly for comfort - there is certainly something very comforting and relaxing about putting on a diaper and finding that feeling of security and being cared for. Some people who wear for comfort will also feel comforted by using the diaper, but others will prefer the feeling of a dry diaper. That's definitely okay, and once you become a bit more familiar with the website you will see that you are not the only person who would prefer not to use their diapers. You will also find there are people who like to wet, but never mess, and others who use their diapers for both. It's personal preference, and there is no right or wrong. You may also find that your own preferences change over time, and that's okay too. There are certainly no rules when it comes to wearing diapers, and if you choose not to use your diapers that's okay with us. Equally, if you find in the future that you want to try using your diaper, that's okay too!

    Also, you are certainly not the only person on this forum who doesn't like the idea of being incontinent! If you do ever decide you want to try using your diapers voluntarily then that doesn't mean that you have to want to lose control completely, or that you will become incontinent. Using diapers occasionally will not make you incontinent or lose bladder/bowel control, so don't worry about that if you ever do decide to use your diapers.

    Basically, do what feels right to you. Don't worry about what anybody else does, how they do it or why they do it. The most important thing is that you are happy and comfortable with yourself and what you're doing - don't feel pressured to try something because other people on here do, or like what you're doing isn't normal compared to anybody else on this website.

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    Yes, it's totally ok. I know a lot of DLs who wear diapers just for the feel of it. Actually using them isn't for everyone, but anyone can enjoy them in their own way.
    ...on the other hand, you do realize that even if you were curious, wetting your diaper intentionally would not necessarily make you IC.

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    Thank you for your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrAwesome View Post
    Hey I was just wondering. Is it normal to not want to wet or soil your diaper? Can you wear them just for comfort? I don't like the idea of becoming incontinent and I wear do wear diapers for comfort, thanks
    I've never soiled, and I rarely wet. As in, for the roughly 5-6 years I've been wearing diapers, I've wet them maybe six or seven times, ever.

    Wearing diapers as a toilet-trained individual isn't normal in the first place (nothing wrong with that!), so it can hardly be considered abnormal to not use them.

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    Some people might take offense to what I'm about to say, but please don't, because I'm on the same boat =o

    You're asking what's normal on a site for people who like to wear diapers (usually unnecessarily), and who sometimes like to act like babies.

    haha, just saying. There is no real 'normal'. Everybody has their kinks and likes. And being abnormal is not a bad thing at all, if anything I'm proud to be different from society.

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    Mr. Awesome it's totally up to the individual. You may never want to do anything in your diaper and it's ok.

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    Ah yes, I'm sorry! I understand now that there is no 'normal' actions or ways of being. Thank you for your comment!

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    On the other hand, if you aren't using your diaper because you fear becoming incon., it's pretty much impossible to accidentally (or purposely) become incon just wetting or messing it, even if you go 24/7.

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    I've read of stories where people will wet but not soil because urine is sterile and fecal matter can cause disease. I've heard of people who like to masturbate in them, where they find the room I don't know. The same can be said for people who just like the safety. What you choose to do is your thing, and if it's normal for you, then its good, because yours is the opinion that matters.

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