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    Talking Hello

    Hiya I'm MrAwesome from the UK. I might appear quite a shy person but I'm not when you get to know me! I enjoy playing football and drawing I sometimes write stories as well I really love the site it's ace!

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    Hi MrAwesome,

    Welcome to the forums! YAY for someone else from the UK joining us, there are quite a few of us here now!

    Do you enjoy watching as well as playing football? Personally I don't really 'get' football, I find it hard to concentrate on anything for 90 minutes, let alone something with no storyline. Do you support a football team?

    What kind of things do you write and draw? I don't know if you like to share you work, but if you ever do feel like posting anything (whether AB/DL related or not) then we have a reasonably active story forum here you might be interested in looking at.

    Anyway, I'm glad you like the site so far. What kind of stuff do you hope to do here? If you're looking to make friends then you might like to look at the groups (found here: Groups - ) and see if there are any you'd be interested in joining. That can be a good way of finding other people with similar interests to you. The chatroom (found under 'chat' at the top of any page) is also a good place to drop into if you want to chat to others - it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but I promise we're all very friendly!

    Anyway, look forward to seeing you around the forums

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    Haha! And yes I do enjoy playing and watching football, I find it exciting, especially when my team win! Yes I support Liverpool FC thank you for asking, a great team if I say so myself just too bad Torres is injured

    My drawing, I draw cartoons usually but I do like looking at natural scenes to draw. You know, still life? I've written stories since I was a child. At the moment I'm working on a short psychological thriller! It's not quite finished but is a work in progress, lol!

    Thank you for asking and I look forward to seeing you around the forums likewise

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    Things just got confusing.....

    Welcome to the forum dude, jess has pretty much covered everything in her post cept that liverpool rule, and soon we wil be back on top.

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    Aha! Totally. I'm glad to see a fellow Liverpool supporter on the forum! And I agree, we will be back on top!

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