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Thread: Speech Impediments?

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    Default Speech Impediments?

    This is something I've been meaning to ask on here, but never got around to doing. I have a mild speech impediment that I have never gotten help for because it isn't major, but it does annoy the heck out of me. I have the "whistling S" impediment. I cannot make a proper s sound. There is always a slight whistle or unnecessary extension of the s.I actually didn't realize that I wasn't doing it right until seventh grade and people kept asking me to say "Mississippi". So I was wondering two things:

    One, is there a way to fix this, without going to a speech class? I know its not major, but I catch a lot of flak over it and I hate the way my s sounds..

    Two, does anyone else have a speech impediment, and if so, what is it and what are you doing about it?

    I used to have another one that I corrected a long time ago. Don't know whats it called, but I used to pronounce "L" as a form of "W". I think both of those impediments are pretty common though..

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    I don't have any speech advice, but I do have a kind of speech impediment that I only realised was actually a real thing fairly recently.

    I can't remember the posh long word for it, but basically if asked a question I can't help but say "errrr" before answering! According to something I saw on TV, it's to do with filling in the silence (thinking time) between a question being asked, and an answer being given.
    Although it only happens with people I don't feel totally comfortable with.
    I tested this out, one time I rang for pizza and consciously tried to not say "errrr" once. I couldn't do it!

    It's extremely minor, but it does annoy me because it makes me seem unsure of what I'm saying.

    "Is he going to die or not?!!"
    "Errrrrr... He'll live."

    Not very reassuring is it?

    But my super-power is not being aware of speech impediments. I knew this guy who stutters for years and years without noticing! It wasn't until someone mentioned it to me that I ever realised.
    And now I hear him stutter all the time...

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    Well, I can't help you with fixing your speech impediment. But since you asked, I don't have a speech impediment myself, at least not anymore. I had a lisp when I was a kid, though, and had to go to speech therapy from first to third grade (or something like that... I don't remember exactly how long it took, to be honest, but that seems about right) to get rid of it.

    In a way, it was kind of nice, because it got me out of class once a week, but at the same time, it was a little embarrassing, since they didn't usually start speech therapy until halfway through whatever class I happened to be in, so I'd have to leave partway through, and I was pretty sure everyone was watching me and thinking I'd done something bad and was being sent to the principal's office. At any rate, though, it was worth it, because it fixed the problem, and I now don't even remember exactly which kind of lisp it was, since there's like three different kinds, if I recall correctly.

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    I can't help ya, just try thinking about it and practicing by yourself, maybe?

    I don't have a speech impidement, although I noticed that when I get real excited and I talk super-fast my words seem to blend into eachother and I get all tongue tied... but that could be pretty common, not too sure.

    But just talking like I normally do my speech is fine.

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    I don't have a speech problem (that I know of), but if you really want to get rid of it, then take a speech class...Some impediments you can't get rid of though, at least not without some kind of dental work...

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    I am unable to pronounce "th". It comes out as "f" or "v". Also, when I was younger I pronounced "r" and "l" as "w", and I still do that when I get over excited. With "th" and "f/v" I can't here the difference and thinking about where I should put my tongue and lips every time I have to say "th" (remembering that the is the most common word in English) is to much hassle. I got two speech therapy sessions but the waiting list was 6 months between each session so they were stopped.

    If you want to stop it, and you can here the difference you just need to practice. I know some stuff about phonetics and could probably teach you what to do to get rid of it, but I'd need to meet you face to face to do that and that isn't going to happen.

    Also, I think I'm like Charlie in that I don't notice speech impediments unless they are pointed out to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzkkbprmt View Post
    I am unable to pronounce "th". It comes out as "f" or "v".
    Join zee Germahns in being unable to pronouce a th - sometimes, local people's attempts to speak English make me crack up.

    I had a speed impediment until I started elementary school - a rather annoying and embarrassing one. I couldn't pronounce a "k" (or "c" in English). That's especially annoying as my very own name starts with a "K" and I went 6 years without being able to say my own name correctly...or should I say: "torrettly"?


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    Oh yeah...I used to pronounce "three" as "free" for a year or two...Then I was told it was wrong, and I managed to change

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Oh yeah...I used to pronounce "three" as "free" for a year or two...Then I was told it was wrong, and I managed to change
    Hehe, me too, when I was about 6 years old.

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    My younger brother had the same problems with some letters, and he just grew out of it, and as far as the eer thing, there was a guy that used to say aaah before everthing, he didn't turn out to bad. it was John F Kennedy....

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